Our Thursday Photo #22

This week has been well and truly exhausting. Lia appears to be teething so none of us have had any sleep (except for Libby, who would sleep through a nuclear war). I’ve ordered a Sophie the Giraffe for Lia, I’ve heard good things about them and I’m willing to try anything, so although I wouldn’t normally pay £12 for a teething toy, we’re desperate!

Our house hunting has taken another interesting turn. Because I’m now self employed, my wages as it stands won’t be taken into consideration for a mortgage. They take the self employed average of the last two tax years, so until I’ve been self employed and earning a reasonable amount for a while, they will only go on hubby’s wages. This has brought us back round to the idea of staying put for now, with a view to trying to get Libby into a nice school and then if (or when) we get told she can only go to our local school, we might have to privately educate her for a year until we can move. Whilst it’s not ideal, at least I’ll have been working for long enough for my wages to be taken into consideration.

Libby is doing well as usual, and is particularly helpful with Lia if she’s getting a bit grumpy with her teething. Libby can almost always manage to make Lia smile, even when she’s really upset, which is a real blessing. Our Thursday Photo #22 (posted on Friday – it’s been one of those weeks) sees Libby teaching Lia to drive using her rattle. They say you should never teach your children to drive, but it seems to be less of a problem for siblings!

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