Our Thursday Photo #21

This week has been all about decisions. We’ve booked an appointment for someone to come and put our house on the market on Tuesday, but we really can’t find anywhere that we like the look of to move to. I’m making an appointment to see someone at a nice little local school where rumour has it we might be able to get Libby a place even if we don’t live in the catchment area. Unfortunately I’ve heard these rumours too many times already so I’m not holding out too much hope. We’ll try anything though because we’d love to be able to stay in our house, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

My work at the moment tends to be a little bit all or nothing, so I spend many evenings working until 1 am, but luckily last night I didn’t have any work to do so I managed to get out for a run. I usually run with a friend on a Wednesday night, so persuading myself to go out for a run on my own in the dark and the rain took some doing, but I managed it. Sitting at my desk working and looking out at the beautiful sunshine today does make me wish I could get out there for another run now. We’re going to make the most of the weather this afternoon though and walk the dogs and go to the park, because it sounds like this really is the last little bit of summer that we’re going to get.

Lia is developing and becoming more alert every week, but still remaining lovely and laid back, she certainly hasn’t reached the point of being afraid of strangers yet. When we went to ballet yesterday, she happily sat with the dad of one of the little girls to watch. She’d never met him before but he kindly offered to look after her for me, and she was perfectly happy with this arrangement and sat there watching and smiling all the way through.

I’m not usually one for dressing the girls the same, but someone kindly bought us these gorgeous dresses and Libby wanted to wear hers to playgroup today, so I put Lia in hers as well. Our Thursday photo #21 is the pre-playgroup photo, before both dresses ended up covered in playdo, food and other grot.

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