Our Thursday Photo #8

Incredibly, Lia will be 2 months old next week. The past few weeks have gone incredibly quickly. I’m just starting my new job, Libby is rapidly recovering from her eye operation (today was the last day of eye drops) and Lia is growing incredibly quickly. So much so that we are now putting her in the baby bouncer. She is great at holding her head up now, and loves the bouncer because it allows her to stand up and look around. 

Lia has got to the age where she wants to know what’s going on, and loves watching Libby. They even played together for a while at playgroup today, when Libby came over and showed Lia some of the baby toys when she was lying on the mat. Libby has also toilet trained herself this week, which has been a real shock. The potty has always been there for her to use if she needed to, but she hasn’t wanted to use it for a little while. One morning though, she woke up deciding that she would be using the potty now. This morning that changed, when she decided that she was now big enough for the toilet, so that has been that. My little girl has suddenly become a big girl, and doesn’t she just look it? Here is our Thursday photo #8. 

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