Our Thursday photo #7

Well you see it’s like this… It’s not so much that I forgot to post our Thursday photo yesterday, more that I had absolutely no idea it was Thursday! Well anyway, this one makes up for it, it’s a corker! For the first time ever I’ve managed to get both girls smiling at the same time! We’ve had a great week this week, topped off by the fact that Libby has finally decided it’s time to start using the potty. Hopefully I won’t have to buy any more cloth nappies, what we’ve got would be fine for just Lia with Libby only in them at night. 

It’s strange having two small people, it’s just amazing how each of them develops and changes every day. Libby’s speech is constantly improving and Lia is becoming more and more alert. She just loves watching what’s going on and she’s a really laid back little girl, happy to sit and watch everyone without asking for too much attention as long as she isn’t hungry. This photo was a total fluke, I didn’t ask either of them to smile, they were just happy to be lay on the sofa together. Here is our Thursday (ish) photo #7. 

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