Our Thursday Photo #115 in a week of changes.

Thursday Photo #115

Having put off the inevitable for quite some time, we finally decided that this was the week we’d move the children into bunk beds. Lia loved sleeping in a big bed when we were at Blairmore Farm and Bluestone, and I knew she would soon be climbing out of her cot.

So, I found some beautiful pine bunk beds on eBay, and we took the plunge. This has meant quite a lot of work for both my husband and I, with me spending a considerable amount of yesterday moving furniture around, and him spending just as much time screwing bits of wood together. Thankfully, the girls are now onto their second night in the bunk beds and all seems to be well.

The other new addition to the household this week was a trampoline on the decking . It’s something both girls enjoy, and really good exercise for them. Lia hasn’t quite got the hang of bouncing yet, and we’ve had to ban them from going on together because Libby kept bouncing on Lia. But nonetheless, they’re loving being outside on their very own trampoline.

On Monday, we headed to the Webbs by the Beach experience at Webbs Garden Centre in Wychbold. Both girls had such a wonderful time, and it was a great way to start our summer holidays.

Today has been quite eventful for Libby, with her last ever day at both playgroup and nursery. At playgroup, she was given a lovely book about getting ready to go to school, and at nursery, there was a leavers’ assembly, where she was given a certificate.

We also had Libby’s final report from nursery, which was a real pleasure to read. I’m proud of both girls every day, but it’s lovely to see that her teachers have enjoyed her company and found her to be pleasant and polite.

Whilst she has had a brilliant time at both nursery and playgroup and is sad to leave them both, Libby is more than ready to start school. She can’t wait for September and keeps asking me how many days it is until she goes into her new class. For the record, I don’t know and I can’t quite be bothered to work it out. But however long it is, we will be making the most of the summer as a family.

One little girl who isn’t so happy about the impending school term is Lia. She will miss having her big sister around, she’s just not used to being without her best friend and playmate. But for now, they’re enjoying each other’s company for a few more weeks.

Our Thursday Photo #115 is from our day at Webbs by the Beach, which I will be reviewing over the next few days. I think it captures their individual characters perfectly.

Our Thursday Photo #115

Our Thursday Photo #115 in a week of changes.

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