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Thursday photo #223

Today is the first day for weeks that we have no plans at all. After a holiday in Northumberland last week, we headed home for the weekend before setting off again. This time, we were London bound.

The intensity of summer holidays

On Saturday, I headed to Monmouthshire on my own for my SUP lesson whilst the girls went to Bristol with their dad. It’s the first time I’ve had a day without them all summer and much as I missed them, its was also a relief.

Inspire2Adventure SUP lesson standing on individual SUP

Summer holidays are so intense. The girls are at an age where they’re full on all the time. I’m not great at occupying them at home, so we’re out and about every day. Swimming, cycling, playing at the park or days out further afield. It’s exhausting, but much better than the alternative – staying at home, getting bored and winding each other up.

From today onwards though, we’re not going far from home for a couple of weeks. Plans are no grander than a bike ride to a local cafe, plenty of swimming and spending time with family. Because after the intensity of the past few weeks, it’s time to wind down. It won’t be long until my little sidekicks are both back in school. I do crave the routine associated with school, especially now I’ll have a little more time. But I know I’m going to miss them and I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks chilling with them first.


We’ve spent most of this week in London, which I’ll be writing about separately. Luckily, two of my sisters were able to come along and help me out with the girls because it would have been difficult on my own.

With their help though, we have all had a brilliant break. London can never be referred to as relaxing and even by London standards, we packed in the action. During the course of three days, we visited the Science Museum, Madame Tussauds, Natural History Museum, Shrek Adventure and saw Big Ben, the London Eye, Horseguards Parade and Buckingham Palace. No wonder we’re all ready for a rest.

Thursday photo #223

I was convinced that my favourite photo from the week would be the one of Libby utterly smothered by a massive top hat at Madame Tussaud’s. That was until we visited Horseguards Parade and the girls wanted to have a photo with the horse. The otherwise immaculately behaved beast decided it wanted to nibble Libby’s hair, causing much hilarity to everyone watching. What a week it’s been with these two little characters.

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  1. Wow, you have all been busy in London! The photo with the horse is hilarious. We’ve never visited Madame Tussaud’s because I’ve always been put off by the crowds and queues. We went to the Natural History Museum a few years ago and you could hardly move in there! Hope you enjoy the last couple of weeks of the holiday.