Thursday photo #330

All of a sudden, it feels like Autumn has arrived. Daily sunshine, beach days and river swims with the children feel like a distant memory. Lockdown is finally over for them and it’s time to go back to school. Uniform is purchased and ironed, Lunches are packed or ordered and things are slowly returning to normal. If someone had told me in March when the schools closed that they wouldn’t properly return to school until September, I wouldn’t have had a clue how I’d cope. But of course we do. I just hope that schools are able to remain safe and open for the forthcoming year.

A long DIY project

Last year when the girls decided they didn’t want to share a bedroom anymore, I took it as a chance to start getting our house the way we want it. It will be a long project because we want to extend and that can’t be done for another 12 months. Then there was the small matter of lockdown half way through our renovations.

This week though, we finally sorted out our bedroom. As with the other rooms, it was all done on a budget. And true to form we’ve done most of it, but it’s not quite finished.

We spent bank holiday Monday completely emptying our bedroom and painting all the walls. I’d already done the skirting boards. Painting took all day, then the carpet was fitted on Tuesday morning. When we were taking down our bed, we realised that both the bed and the mattress needed replacing. So, we picked up a lovely, solid wood second hand bed from eBay and I decided to paint it. While I was at it, I decided to paint our wardrobe, two chests of drawers and two bedside cabinets. I’ve ordered new handles for them all, so I’m hoping they’ll look like a complete set of furniture by the end.

Enjoying the last hurrah of summer

Summer really seems to have disappeared all of a sudden this week. I took a few sunny photos in the garden before the weather turned against us completely. I have loved seeing so many butterflies on our plants this year, they have enjoyed the garden as much as us.

Thursday photo #330

The girls have been fending for themselves while we’ve been decorating. They spent quite a bit of time in front of the television relaxing before they hit the ground running on their first day back at school.

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  1. Oh seems a lot of bedrooms are being done at the moment. We totally replaced the skirting board so it sits over our new flooring so that’s next. I just can’t wait until we get our bed as we went new for our anniversary.

    Hope school is going well