Thursday Photo #137

Thursday Photo #137

Where did this week go?? It has been lovely to have Libby home from school and we’ve really been making the most of it. Friday was the last day of term, so we picked her up from school with the dogs and luggage loaded into the car and we headed straight to Manchester to stay with the same friends who came with us to Blairmore Farm earlier in the year.

We spent a lovely day with them looking around the Christmas market and both girls were devastated when it was time to come home on Sunday morning. We would usually have spent more time there, but we had a reason to get back home.

Thursday Photo #137

Child-free time

On Sunday night, my husband and I went to the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards. They were held in Birmingham this year and my husband earned mega brownie points by getting us tickets. It was a brilliant show to watch with some incredible sports people present and stunning performances by Robbie Williams and the Invictus Choir.

I was a little bit disappointed that Alistair Brownlee didn’t win though. I can understand why Andy Murray won again. After all he’s had a brilliant year and tennis is a popular sport. But after Brownlee’s display of the greatest kind of sportsmanship in helping his brother over the finish line earlier in the year, it would have been great for both him as an individual and for the sport of triathlon if he’d won. I was also surprised that this legend wasn’t in the top three!

Thursday Photo #137

Nonetheless, it was a fabulous night and very pleasant to have a night out with my husband. It was the first time someone else had ever put them to bed. My sister did a great job with them and everything was quiet by the time we got home. Which was a relief because it meant we didn’t have to share our pizza.

On Tuesday I went out for lunch with a friend at Cucina Rustica in Birmingham. The restaurant was fabulous and it was another child-free day that felt like a bit of a treat.

Cucina Rustica Birmingham Review

Finally getting ready for Christmas

Now though, I’m finally accepting it’s time to prepare for Christmas. Yesterday we had a lovely day out to Cob House to see the reindeer. I think they were keen to see us too!

Thursday Photo #137

And tonight, it’s time for shopping. I’ll be buying the bits and pieces we need for Christmas lunch. I’ll also have to top up on alcohol and chocolate as we’re currently munching our way through it. Then tomorrow I’ll finally make my Christmas cakes. Better late than never!

Our Thursday photo #137 was taken this morning at the park while the girls were feeding the ducks. We wanted to try out the amazing Tiny Trolls of Norway winter suits that were sent to them. My review will follow shortly but oh my goodness they are amazing. I instantly want to take them skiing and I can’t even ski myself!

Our Thursday Photo #137Thursday Photo #137

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