Thursday photo #173

As the Summer holidays come screeching to a halt, we’re left wondering where on earth the last six weeks have gone. It doesn’t seem like more than a few days ago that we were ushering the usual herd of children out of school for the last time, saying their goodbyes as if they’d never see each other again.

Last minute preparations

After another busy week including a trip to the fabulous Monkey Forest, Lia starts pre-school on Monday. I’ve seen so many blog posts and social media updates about how parents are horrified that this has come around so soon for their little darlings. But for Lia, it seems to have taken an eternity.

As the second sibling, she has been waiting patiently for her turn to go to school. Day after day we’ve traipsed up the school drive to collect her sister. Unfortunately for her, it’s not quite her turn yet. But at last, she will at least be going to pre-school three mornings a week. Better still, the pre-school is just around the corner from Libby’s school and Lia already has a few friends there.

But what I haven’t done is go through the rigmarole of preparing everything. Buying new clothes, bags or lunch boxes. Instead, she will have Libby’s hand-me-downs as usual. She’ll go into pre-school on Monday with Libby’s bag, lunch box and drinks bottle. She’ll probably wear one of Libby’s old dresses as well. But she’s ready for it and I’m hoping she’ll take it all in her stride. It has been a long time coming after all.

The over-used balance bike

This Summer, the activity of choice for the girls has been cycling. They cycled on holiday, they’ve been to Croome National Trust once or twice most weeks with their bikes. They’ve been cycling in the Forest of Dean and they’ve been around the block walking the dogs more times than I can count.

And with the exception of a few days on holiday, Lia has done all this on a balance bike. She must have racked up over 50 miles on that little bike this Summer, and I’ve realised it’s time we did something about it. Having sworn she’d have to wait until Christmas, we have finally given in and ordered a mountain bike for her.

So for the hour between the end of school and the end of pre-school for the next few weeks, you’ll find me running up and down behind a little mountain bike. Fingers crossed she gets the hang of it quickly!

Our Thursday photo #173

It has been wonderful having Libby home for the past few weeks. These two siblings have become even closer. Libby seems much calmer during school holidays, we definitely don’t get the best of her during term time. Next term will bring the usual hectic timetable, with piano lessons thrown in for good measure. Roll on half term – but not before I’ve had time to catch up with some work!

I love this photo of them both on the trampoline, this has been somewhat of a godsend this Summer. What did children do before trampolines were invented? My two are never off it!

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  1. Aww, I’m sure she’ll love pre school! I must get on with trying out the bike too, it’s definitely a confidence thing, so fingers crossed she gets it sooner rather than later! 🙂 x

  2. I’m very impressed by how far Lia has travelled on a balance bike! It sounds like she’s really ready for pre-school, hope it goes well for her.
    I miss our trampoline! My kids didn’t use it much, so there was no point moving it when we moved house, but my daughter still asks for one from time to time.

    1. Thank you, she’s immediately mastered cycling so all that balance biking was worth it! Ahh yes I’ll miss our trampoline when they finally grow out of it too, it’s a great place to lie down and relax after a run (true story)!