Our Thursday Photo #50

This week has been a little bit of a struggle if truth be told. So I’ll spare you the sugar coating. 

Firstly, nothing bad has actually happened. We’re just all a bit below par, and I reserve my right to tell it like it is. 

Both girls have had a cold this week, resulting in both of them being up in the night – obviously not at the same time, they took it in turns to make sure we felt just as rubbish as them. 

And the result? We do! Let’s have a round of applause for the sprogs. 

And in case you were wondering whether the sudden arrival of puppy is making things harder? It isn’t.

She is behaving impeccably (it helps that none of us are exceptionally attached to our shoes). And she’s injecting a little bit of fun into us all despite our woe is me attitudes. 

And it turns out the grumpy Libby is forgetting to say please and thank you more than ever. We were already battling with her on this, so we can’t really back down just because she’s feeling below par. 

If anybody has a miracle solution to make her remember, please, please let me know. 

A grumpy Lia is quite a force to be reckoned with as well. She did have one day of genuinely feeling sorry for herself, and she did a lot of sleeping. In the days that followed, the rage returned with a vengeance. 

Again, any tips for dealing with baby rage would be repaid in cake. 

We explained to Libby that Bubbles has an injection tomorrow at the vets. I was slightly concerned that she might worry that Bubbles wouldn’t come back, because of Soxa’s mystery trip to the vets when she didn’t come home. 

But far from it, Libby focussed on the injections aspect of it, asking: 

“Did I used to have injections when I was a dog?”

I have no words. 

And on that note, here is our Thursday Photo #50. Tired, untidy and rather glum. 

2015-04-23 18.36.42

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