Two little girls on a wooden bridge at Witley Court

Thursday photo #204 – Cold and colds

For once, the Easter holidays seem to be going quite slowly here. And I’m pleased to say, that’s because we’re making the most of it. The break started with us piling everything into the camper van and driving to Devil’s Bridge near Aberystwyth. Of course, we set off a few hours late but I’ve never known a time when we didn’t.

A short break in the April snow

Is it just me that has been totally taken by surprise with this weather? It was particularly shocking when I got up to take Libby to the toilet at about 3am on Sunday night – to be faced with snow on the ground. Nonetheless, we made the most of it. And thanked our lucky stars we’d bought the van so we weren’t facing this weather under canvas!

Our main day out while we were away was on the beautiful Vale of Rheidol railway. It was lovely to chuff through the countryside on a steam train, especially as the dogs were welcome on board as well. We also spent a bit of time at the coast, just a walk on the beach though sadly. I’d hoped to get in the water, but it wasn’t to be. The girls also loved taking part in an Easter egg hunt at our beautiful campsite.

The usual school holiday illness

Is it just us that always gets hit by illness as soon as the school holidays come along? It was always the same when I was at school too. I suppose it’s good that the girls don’t miss much school but it would be nice to enjoy the holidays without battling colds and bugs one day!

Lia came down with the cold while we were away and had a bit of a fever with it. Libby managed to ward it off during our holiday but succumbed to it soon after getting home. Despite that, we managed a day out at Witley Court on my husband’s last day off. Yesterday was a recovery day at home, and now we’re preparing for another busy week.

We’re off to Warwick Castle today, and later in the week we’re spending a night in Wales. It’s amazing having the camper van so we can just throw everything in and get going. It feels like we make the most of our free time so much more.

Our Thursday photo #204

I love this photo of the girls navigating the playground bridge at Witley Court in the rain. There’s nothing better than being together outdoors, whatever the weather.

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  1. Fab pics! The snow surprised me too, hopefully that’s the last of it now! Looks like you’ve been having a great holiday, hope the girls are over the colds soon though. X

  2. Hi Nat, how fantastic to be able to sling everything into your camper van and head off into the distance. Illness and holidays seem to go hand in hand too, the first school day off and my daughter was at the Doctors with a dose of tonsilitis. She only has a few weeks left of school now so it was probably better to be struck down in the holidays. Your girls look like proper cheeky monkeys in that photo. I’m glad to see you’re having some family fun together.