Compare By Review: A different approach to insurance comparison [AD]

Purchasing insurance can be confusing. With so many insurance companies and comparison sites out there, it’s difficult to know where to start. Compare By Review is a comparison site with a difference. Instead of comparing by price, they rank insurers on product quality and customer experience. When purchasing insurance, I always think about price. But at the point of having to make a claim or deal with the insurance company, it’s not price that matters. I love that there is now an option to make sure you get the best insurance for you, rather than just the cheapest.

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How can Compare By Review help you?

Compare By Review deal with pet, travel, home, health and life insurance. They also compare app-based banking and current accounts. As well as their handy comparison tables, they publish comprehensive guides to each category. Crucially, their comparison tables are independent and non-biased. Reviews are not impacted by bids or commissions. Instead, they focus on consumer reviews.

The Compare By Review website is very user-friendly. On the homepage you’ll find a list of the types of providers they compare. Simply click on one to find both a comprehensive guide and a comparison table. Take Home Insurance as an example. You’ll find a thorough explanation of the different types and why you need them. Next comes a table comparing providers based on customer reviews. Compare By Review tell you how many reviews have been provided about each company. Each gets a score out of 10, a defaqto star rating and a guide to the price band. They also let you know the price of some example quotes. Click through for further information on the company or to request a quote from them.

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As well as comparisons of insurance companies, Compare By Review has plenty of information about things you’ll need to consider when purchasing insurance. They cover the question of whether it is compulsory, how to value the insurance you need, how much you should be paying and what may be excluded from your policy.

Finding the right insurer and why it matters

We’ve all heard horrific tales of people whose insurance company didn’t pay out in the worst possible circumstances. Unfortunately, these are not urban myths but the harsh reality for many of us. Getting stuck abroad when badly injured because travel insurance doesn’t cover repatriation. Having to cancel a dream holiday and being unable to reclaim the costs. Being faced with a huge vets bill for a beloved pet and finding it’s not covered by your pet insurance.

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We all think that this won’t happen to us, but it does. That’s why it is so important to not only purchase insurance, but purchase the right insurance. I am very impressed with Compare By Review. Its honest comparisons change the narrative around choosing a policy. Being up front with easily digestible information about what we will need for each policy is equally important.

Compare By Review champions the consumer by holding insurance companies to account. It is no longer sufficient to lower prices by cutting corners. Customers are fighting back.

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