Standing side on in sunrise Iona raincoat on a foggy day

Lighthouse Clothing Review

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What do you look for in a winter coat? It’s usually sensible for them to be either warm, waterproof or preferably both. A bit of colour is always good to see too, especially at this time of year. So when Lighthouse Clothing got in touch and asked if I’d liked to review a few items from their range, I couldn’t resist their iconic yellow Iona raincoat. After much deliberation over the rest of their range, I chose their blue and white striped Shore sweatshirt and a practical but rather fabulous crossover bag. We went out walking in the mud and the mist over the weekend so the girls could take a few photos for me.

Wearing a yellow raincoat and blue bag with pink strap standing on grass on foggy day
Yellow Iona coat and blue bag with pink strap

Lighthouse Clothing Long Iona Coat – Sunrise

I absolutely love the colour of this coat. On a grey day, it really stands out and brightens everything up. Being 3/4 length, the Long Iona is very practical too. It’s waterproof, windproof and yet breathable and it comes right down to mid-thigh length. When it arrived, I was really surprised by the fabric. Most waterproof coats are quite harsh to touch but this one is completely soft. Better still, it is lined with blue and white striped jersey lining including in the hood so it is incredibly warm.

Plus, there are loads of pockets. It may be a bit of a mum thing to say but I don’t think you can have too many pockets. There are side entry and front pockets on the outside, plus a zipped one inside. The cut is A-line apparently, which means there’s plenty of space for movement and extra layers. It’s fine to machine wash too, which is a good job because I can’t go anywhere without getting muddy. As well as the sunrise yellow, the Iona is available in deep teal and slate grey.

Facing towards the camera wearing yellow raincoat and black trousers with muddy shoes standing on grassy bank
Sunrise Iona coat
Standing side on in Lighthouse Clothing sunrise Iona raincoat on a foggy day
Lighthouse Clothing Sunrise Iona coat

Shore Sweatshirt from Lighthouse

Much like the Iona coat, the Shore sweatshirt was designed with both style and comfort in mind. It comes in a range of colours and I couldn’t resist the blue stripe. The 100% cotton sweatshirts are made for warmth. The funnel neck and zip half way down add extra breathability and a lighter blue on the collar and cuffs offers a different way to wear it.

This is one of those tops that will go with anything. I’m terrible for falling in love with a garment and wearing it constantly for an entire season. This won’t come off me until spring now. I’m trying to resist the temptation to wear it around the house as well as out and about. It’s so comfy that it would be ideal for lounging around in.

Standing side on wearing blue and white striped jumper
Shore Sweatshirt from Lighthouse Clothing
Standing side on but facing forward in Blue and white stripey Shore Sweatshirt from Lighthouse clothing
Shore Sweatshirt from Lighthouse front view

Night Sky Floral Cross Over Bag

We all have our weaknesses and adjusting straps is mine. I don’t know why, I’ve never got the hang of it. Loosening and tightening swimming goggles. Putting a harness on the dog. Doing up dungaree straps, sorting out a rucksack. All of that is completely beyond my capability. So imagine my surprise when I decided to adjust this bag whilst wearing it and found it easy.

Aside from the remarkable feat of engineering that is an idiot proof adjustable strap, the Night Sky Floral Cross Over Bag is incredibly pretty. Practicality is another bonus too, with a zip across the top of the bag, a zip pocket inside and one on the outside. There’s really no excuse for losing valuables anymore.

Dark blue crossover bag with floral pattern - close up of bag on shoulder with yellow coat in background
Night Sky Floral Cross Over Bag close up on shoulder
Night Sky Floral Cross Over Bag from Lighthouse Clothing open with label showing on inside
Lighthouse Clothing Night Sky Floral Cross Over Bag with Live Simple, Live Happy label

About Lighthouse Clothing

Based in Northern Ireland, Lighthouse Clothing is designed to make getting outdoors a little easier. They make robust outdoor clothing without compromising on style. Wear them on the school run, a rainy walk or even after an outdoor swim. Getting outdoors just became a little more stylish.

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