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Yora dog food review and discount code

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About a year ago, a friend of mine posted on social media to say that she’d switched to Yora dog food. It was billed as a sustainable, ethical alternative to pet food made from fish and meat. What’s even more fascinating is that it’s made from insects. I decided to give it a try for Bubbles. As a long term vegetarian, I have never felt totally comfortable with doling out big lumps of meat for the dogs. After around a year of using it, this is my Yora dog food review.

Yora complete all breeds dog biscuits

What is Yora dog food?

Yora produce a variety of foods, all made from insects. They make dog treats, a protein bar for active dogs and several varieties of complete dog food. The range includes food specifically for puppies, small dogs, large breeds and light or senior food. The one we have been using is the standard Yora Insect Protein All Breeds Dog Food.

According to their website, Yora is hypoallergenic and comes in recyclable packaging. They claim that vets are increasingly recommending protein from insects for dogs who are allergic to other proteins. The food is made from insect larvae that has been dried to create protein rich flour. This flour contains minerals and nutrients from the insects and is easier to digest and less processed than standard dog meat.

The food also contains ethically sourced oats and vegetables with a low carbon footprint. The Yora dog food website also claims that dogs love the taste of the crunchy kibble created using this process. I decided to let Bubbles be the judge of that.

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Yora Dog Food Review by Bubbles aged 6 1/4

My husband and I have had several dogs over the years and we’ve always fed them on complete dog biscuits, mixed in with a spoonful of tinned dog meat. We always went for a relatively expensive brand of biscuits that we felt offered the best nutrients for our dogs. The reason for mixing the biscuits with dog meat was to make them more palatable. We’ve never really had a dog that would eat biscuits on their own, including Bubbles. A couple of years ago I reviewed Pure Pet Food. For a while we mixed that in with the biscuits instead of tinned meat but we never dropped to biscuits alone.

When I bought the Yora food, we switched quite slowly. We used a combination of that and her old biscuits, mixed in with some dog meat. She consistently wolfed down the Yora dog biscuits and within a few days, we had switched to that along with some tinned meat.

I don’t remember how or why now, but we decided to try Bubbles on Yora dog biscuits alone with no meat mixed in. For the first time ever, she wolfed down the biscuits without needing the meat to add flavour. Since then, Bubbles has been eating Yora complete with nothing mixed in. She seems to love it.

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My review of Yora dog food

Whilst Bubbles’s review is based purely on taste, mine revolves around different factors. Firstly, Bubbles seems happy and healthy on this food. Her coat is beautifully shiny and she’s full of energy. We run every day together. We don’t usually go far but if I’m marathon training she comes along too and thinks nothing of bashing out a 16 mile run. If she wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed, there’s no way she’d manage all this exercise.

From my point of view, feeding Yora biscuits alone is incredibly convenient. We buy a 12kg bag around once every 5 weeks. And other than buying poo bags every now and then, we don’t have to buy anything else for Bubbles. It is possible to do an automatic repeat order via the Yora website but I prefer to just order when I need it.

It’s difficult to know how the price point of Yora compares to other brands, but I do feel confident that they only charge what they need to. When we first started to buy it, a 12kg bag used to cost around £90. They have since cut their production costs and passed on the saving to customers. Now, it costs £71.99 for 12kg with free delivery. Smaller bags are available and delivery is free on orders over £39. Full details are on the YORA website and you can order direct.

Yora discount code

When I buy Yora, they send me a referral link to give a friend 20% off their first order. It says it can be used as many times as you like, so hopefully if you buy through this link, you will get a 20% discount applied at checkout. Please do be aware that I will also get 15% off if you use this link, so if you have a friend who already uses Yora then feel free to ask for their referral link instead.

AD – contains affiliate links

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