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Essential Tyre Care and Maintenance Tips [AD]

When it comes to your tyres, Birmingham is something of a mixed bag: some areas are so congested that it might be easier to walk while others would be much easier to drive on were the potholes filled in occasionally. But there are also large swathes of the city where the roads are good, and your commute is quick and simple. Here are some essential tyre care and maintenance tips to ensure your daily drive is as trouble-free as possible.

Land Rover Discovery Adventures
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Watch for Inflation

Making sure your tyres are in the best possible condition before you take to the roads is good way to ensure that your ride will be smooth and safe, with as low a risk of disruption due to an accident or puncture as possible. Modern tyres should always be kept at their optimum inflation as they are designed to work best in that configuration.

Keep an Eye On the Condition

Make a point of checking out your tyres every so often. If you drive for long distances on bad roads, you should check your tyres after every journey. If you have a relatively easy commute during which you do not travel too far, you can get away with examining them once a fortnight, or even once a month. Look for visible signs of damage, such as bulging or cracking in the sidewalls and missing pieces of material from the tyre. It is also important to check for dark blemishes – even relatively small ones – that can be a sign of a nail having pierced your tyre.

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Repair and Replace Regularly

No matter how careful you are with your tyres, they will eventually demand that you take action to return them to peak condition, whether that is by repairing damaged portions or replacing the whole tyre. When this time arrives, make sure you complete the action as soon as you reasonably can. You can easily get your tyres locally fitted from professionals at Plume Tyres in Birmingham today.

Always remember that every time you drive on poor quality tyres, you are putting not only yourself and your passengers at risk, but everyone else on the roads too. Therefore make sure to
travel with roadworthy tyres!

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