Moana and Maui on a boat on stage in Disney on Ice Find Your Hero

Disney on Ice Find Your Hero: Review

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It feels like a milestone to watch Disney on Ice again. Back in 2020 when everything started to go wrong with the pandemic, Disney on Ice was a casualty. But they’re back with a fun, vibrant and upbeat show. Disney on Ice Find Your Hero is all about the heroes of a variety of Disney movies. Each one has an inspirational tale to tell through ice dance to favourite Disney tunes. The scenes are introduced by Mikey Mouse and his friends Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Elsa from Frozen dancing in Disney on Ice Find Your Hero
Elsa – press photo courtesy of Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice Find Your Hero: Moana

Moana is introduced to the audience as a hero, but Maui is the first to appear on stage as soon as a hero is mentioned. He naturally assumes that Mickey is talking about him. The story follows Moana as she persuades Maui to journey with her to return the heart of Te Fiti. Maui is a huge costume and his ice dancing is incredible. This is a lovely short excerpt from Moana that tells a tale of courage and self-belief.

Moana and Maui on a boat on stage in Disney on Ice Find Your Hero
Moana and Maui – press photo courtesy of Disney on Ice Find Your Hero

Disney on Ice Find Your Hero: Tangled

We haven’t watched the Tangled movie but seeing this in Disney on Ice Find Your Hero made us all want to see it. Rapunzel is trapped in the tower, asking her mother about the lanterns that she sees every year on her birthday. Then, we cut to Flynn making his way through the woods and looking for somewhere to hide. He climbs up the tower and meets Rapunzel.

Before long, Rapunzel and Flynn are out in the forest and they see the lanterns. Flynn explains to Rapunzel what the lanterns are for and she realises that she is the lost princess. A huge celebration ensues as Rapunzel is reunited with the villagers who have kept her memory alive all these years by releasing the beautiful lanterns.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a firm favourite with Disney on Ice. We meet Ariel when the fish can’t find her and she is on the surface admiring the prince. Ursula the Sea Witch agrees to allow Ariel to enter the human world on the surface. But the condition is that if she doesn’t win the love of the prince in time, Ursula will get to keep Ariel’s voice. With her voice taken away, Ariel sets out to win the prince’s affections.

Ariel and her friend Flounder dancing in Disney on Ice Find Your Hero
Ariel and her friends

Disney on Ice Find Your Hero: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a lovely addition to Disney on Ice. We meet the candlesticks, little chip and his mother and of course, Belle and the Beast. When Mickey is introducing the hero of this scene, Gaston appears claiming hero status. Then we see him taking a band of villagers to kill the beast and rescue Belle. When Gaston fatally injures the Beast, Belle realises her love for him and the castle is released from the spell it has been under for many years.


Always a Disney on Ice Favourite, we meet Anna as she battles to save Elsa from herself and save Arundel from the snow. The question of true love is raised when Elsa freezes Anna’s heart. By the end it becomes clear that the love of two sisters is just as good an example of true love as the romantic kind. I would love to say that this story inspires my two girls to be nicer to each other but that would be a lie. Nevertheless, they appreciate the story! Plus, Sven the reindeer is always one of our favourites. Look out for Max the grumpy horse during Tangled this year though, he is a real character too!

Sven the reindeer from Frozen
Sven the reindeer

Disney on Ice Find Your Hero: Tour Dates and Venues

Disney on Ice finishes in Birmingham today and moves on to the following venues for the rest of the year. We would highly recommend catching a show if you can. If you enjoy upbeat music, incredible ice dance and beautiful stories, grab a ticket for one of the venues below:

  • Manchester 3-7 November 2021
  • Exeter 11-14 November 2021
  • Aberdeen 26-28 November 2021
  • Belfast 2-5 December 2021
  • Newcastle 8-12 December 2021
  • Sheffield 16-19 December 2021
  • London 22 December 2021 to 2 January 2022

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