Review of the Worst Witch at Malvern Theatres

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Mildred Hubble stumbled into the magical Cackle’s Academy school for witches quite by mistake. Yet it was one of the most captivating mistakes ever made. Since Jill Murphy wrote her Worst Witch stories, they’ve sold over five million copies and been made into films and television series. My little Worst Witch fans were delighted when Malvern Theatres kindly invited us to review the Worst Witch stage show.

Worst Witch at Malvern Theatres: the show

As we took our seats and waited for the show to begin, we noticed something odd. There was somebody jogging around the theatre, dressed as a PE teacher. Before long, we realised there were others. In fact, most of the cast were milling around, chatting to the audience yet totally in character.

They made their way onto the stage, and the story was immediately brought to life. The Worst Witch stage show is based on a school play written by the Worst Witch herself, Mildred Hubble. The audience are quickly introduced to most of the characters.

Bumbling headteacher Miss Cackle (Polly Lister), and strict Miss Hardbroom (Rachel Heaton) are faced with a gaggle of new witches including unfortunate Mildred (Danielle Bird), her friend Maud (Rebecca Killick), Drusilla (Emma Lau) and bossy Ethel (Rosie Abraham). As the play goes on, they are joined by joker Enid (Consuela Rolle) and things start to take a slightly sinister turn.

By the end of the first half, the scene is set for the story to move away from Mildred’s play as backstage dramas take over. The audience are introduced to Miss Cackle’s wicked twin, and a classic battle between good and evil ensues. Evil Agatha is a powerful witch, but can the others work together to defeat her and save their teachers, their school and themselves?

About the Worst Witch theatre tour 2019

Jill Murphy’s original Worst Witch books have been adapted for the stage by Emma Reeves and the production is directed by Theresa Heskins. An all female cast of adults play the academy’s characters. I thought the children may be a little confused by this, particularly as the television series starring children is currently popular. In fact, they didn’t bat an eyelid and were utterly captivated from start to finish.

The cast were incredibly musically talented and we all loved being able to see them playing instruments on stage. Miss Bat is a relatively minor character played by Molly-Grace Cutler. However, throughout the performance, Cutler plays piano, guitar and cello. She is joined by Megan Leigh Mason as Miss Drill, who also plays the guitar, drums, percussion and clarinet. Meg Forgan as Fenella plays the bass guitar.

Seeing the Worst Witch tour

  • What age children can watch the Worst The Worst Witch stage show? The production is recommended for seven year olds and over. My two are aged four and six. Both loved the show and didn’t find it too frightening. However, it did seem somewhat better for the older one who announced it was the best production she’s ever seen and she intends to read every single Worst Witch book ever written.
  • Where can you see the Worst Witch? The Worst Witch production is at Malvern Theatres from Tuesday 12th to Saturday 16th March. It was really popular and most seats were sold, so I’d advise booking as soon as possible for the remaining shows to avoid disappointment. After Malvern, the tour continues around the UK. Dates and tickets are available through their website.
  • What else is on at Malvern Theatres? There is a fantastic programme of shows at Malvern Theatres, from productions aimed at children to musicals, to serious plays and their annual pantomime. They also have a lovely little cinema showing the latest films. Head to their website to find out more.
Worst Witch Live at Malvern Theatres | If your child is a fan of the Worst Witch television series or books, they will love the Worst Witch live stage show that is touring in the UK at the moment. Here's our review of the Worst Witch Live at Malvern Theatres. #WorstWitch #theatrereview #malverntheatres #childrenstheatre #familyfun

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  1. My daughter’s a huge Worst Witch fan, so this sounds right up her street. The book has all-female characters, so it sounds as though the show is being faithful to the original. I love the sound of it!

    1. Oh I do hope it comes to a theatre near you on the tour, it’s well worth checking. If your daughter is a Worst Witch fan then she’ll love the show, mine had only watched it on the television before so we’re going to get them the books now too.