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Ovo Cirque du Soleil: Review

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As we strolled past the arena entrance on our way to find our block, we all stopped in our tracks for a double take. Where the stage would usually be was an enormous egg, delicately textured to look like the surface of the moon. That’s when we realised that this was no ordinary show. And when we took our seats in the arena, the evening was about to get even more fascinating.

About Ovo Cirque du Soleil

OVO is the latest exciting, colourful show from Cirque du Soleil. Based on the biodiversity of insects; this non-stop riot of energy and movement features show-stopping acrobatics, heaps of energy, atmospheric music and a stunning set. This is a family show, loved by children and adults alike. Three new acts have been added to OVO since it last toured the UK, so even if you’ve seen it before, it’s worth another look!

The fun thing about OVO is that in addition to the incredible acrobatic performances, it tells a story. The underlying story-line features a sassy ladybird who falls in love with an odd looking fly. Look out for crickets bouncing off trampolines, a hypnotic spider contorting inside her web, scary stunts and plenty of chaos.

A cast of 100 people from 25 different countries have come together to create this adorable show. With very few spoken words, it is surprisingly easy to follow the story. Since opening in Montreal in 2009, OVO has thrilled more than 7 million people in 35 countries.

Ovo Cirque du Soleil performer balancing upside down on one hand dressed in blue

Our Review

Before we even stepped into the arena, we knew this was going to be like nothing we’d ever seen before. It started with the unnervingly enormous, moon-like egg on the stage and the next thing we knew, insects were running around interacting with the audience. As the show started, the lighting changed and strobes lit up the egg. As your eyes adjusted, the egg was plunged into blackness. It reappeared a few times before all of a sudden, it was gone. Replaced by an assortment of insects of all shapes and sizes.

From that moment on, this fast-paced production followed the story of two of the insects, the ladybird and a funny looking fly as they fell in love. They were joined by an array of creatures including a beautiful butterfly, awesome ants a flexible spider, a farting moth and those amazing trampolining crickets.

The whole show features incredible displays of the human body doing things you would never dream it could achieve. We have watched acrobatic shows and circuses before. We’ve seen multiple musicals and theatre performances. But this is an extremely unique production and unless you’ve seen a Cirque du Soleil show, you will never have witnessed anything like it.

Ovo Cirque du Soleil performers hanging from ropes

Ovo Cirque du Soleil: FAQs

Where can I see Ovo Cirque du Soleil in the UK?

Ovo is in Birmingham at the Utilita Arena until Sunday 28th April 2024. I can’t currently see any additional UK dates, so I highly recommend catching the show in Birmingham if you can! Head to the Cirque du Soleil website to find out more and buy tickets.

How long does the Ovo Cirque du Soleil show last?

The show lasts for 100 minutes including a 25-minute interval.

Does Ovo feature flashing lights?

Yes, absolutely. If you are sensitive to flashing lights, this may cause you a problem as there is strobe lighting.

Can you take photos and videos during Ovo Cirque du Soleil?

It is permitted to take photos and videos during Ovo Cirque du Soleil, but only with phones and small cameras. Flash photography is not permitted and they ask you at the beginning of the performance to turn down the brightness on mobile phone screens if filming.

Is Ovo Cirque du Soleil suitable for children?

Absolutely! It is suitable for families, adult-only groups and anyone who enjoys incredible feats of human strength and flexibility, great stories and atmospheric music. There are loud noises and flashing lights, so that could be a restriction to some audience members of all ages.

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