Pink and blue MOO CHUU sandals with black soles displayed on grass

Sandals for an active lifestyle from MOO CHUU UK

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Are you looking for a pair of sandals for this summer that will suit your lifestyle as well as your wardrobe? MOO CHUU UK make a selection of sandals for all occasions. Choose your style, the colour of the sole and the straps and they’ll make a pair especially for you. Use MOO CHUU discount code Plutoniumsox10 on the MOO CHUU website for 10% off.


MOO CHUU make sandals that are both comfortable and stylish, created from premium recycled rubber. This means that they feel soft to wear, with straps designed for comfort. Ideal whether you’re on the beach, out for a countryside walk or in the city.

It also means that they’re super durable- AND better for the environment. A pair of MOO CHUUs will last for years not months – so choose a style and colour you will want to wear every year, not just the year you buy them! These shoes are chlorine, salt and UV resistant. Due to the material they’re made from, they’re easy to clean and wash. It’s also fine to wear them in the water!

I was pleased to see that MOO CHUU donate 10% from the sales of their blue and yellow pairs to the RNLI. If you can’t bear to let go of your brightly coloured sandals in the winter, you’ll be pleased to hear that they make socks too!

Female feet wearing pink and blue MOO CHUU sandals standing next to forget me not flowers on grass

Why MOO CHUU are great sandals for an active lifestyle

I tend to buy a pair of sandals to see me through the summer – for all occasions. As a result, I often end up walking around cliff tops in flipflops and going into the sea barefoot even when I know I shouldn’t.

This year though, I’ve gone for a pair of MOO CHUUs. Which has allowed me to be a bit more sensible. Much as I love flipflops – especially the MOO CHUU ones with hearts and stars – I know they’re not always practical for me.

Likewise with sliders. I was tempted to get some of these for poolside and for after I get out of the lake. But I knew those would be the only times I’d wear them, so I decided on a pair I could wear for everything. I went for the Cross Sandal, which has a sturdy back strap for keeping your feet in place.

I chose relatively neutral colours – black and blue – but I added in some pink for an extra splash of colour.

Female feet wearing pink and blue MOO CHUU sandals satnding in water

How do MOO CHUU sandals cope in day to day life?

Since the sun threatened to come out here in the Midlands a few days ago, my sandals have been on. So far, they’ve accommpanied me to the theatre, a business meeting, the swimming pool, a walk on the hills and a paddle in a lake.

They’re doing brilliantly – I’ve had no blisters or uncomfortable patches and they still look great. The fact that these can easily wash or wipe clean works brilliantly for me. Better still, they look as good as new even after a rince in cold water.

My only complaint about these sandals is that I’m going to have to buy another pair. Not for me, but for my daughter. As soon as she saw mine, she had decided what she wants for her birthday next month.

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