Why INEOS Hygienics Hand Sanitiser has become part of our school routine [AD]

If you had told me this time last year that back to school would be so different by this September, I don’t think I would have believed you. One little positive that has come out of Covid-19 is that children really seem to appreciate school now. Whereas they once dragged themselves out of bed, these days there seems to be rather more enthusiasm. It’s amazing how going without something can increase gratitude for it. With the children so keen to be back at school, it now seems even more important to keep them well. That’s why INEOS Hygienics Hand Sanitiser and Sanitiser Spray have become part of our daily routine.

INEOS Hygienics Hand Sanitisers

Why I trust INEOS Hygienics products

INEOS Hygienics are in the business of making hygiene products to meet consumer demand. So when Covid-19 hit, they quickly started to produce and distribute sanitiser. The key ingredient in all their products is high purity ethanol that they manufacture under the strict conditions required for medical and pharmaceutical use. When the pandemic caused a global sanitiser shortage, INEOS Hygienics produced and distributed it to hospitals for free.

Girl holding pump bottle of Ineos Hygienics sanitiser. Trees in background.

The products are trusted by doctors due to being produced to hospital grade standards. They are effective against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Both hand and surface sanitisers have been developed to give us all the confidence to step safely into our “new normal”.

As a parent, there’s nothing more reassuring than knowing the products I’m using for my children are hospital grade. I know I can’t wrap them in cotton wool and keep them safe from everything, but this is one thing I can do to keep them safe and happy. They are back to their activities and seeing their friends. I can’t control the virus, but I can control our approach to it.

Adapting and carrying on

Over the summer while things have been far from normal, we’ve discovered new ways to have fun. Before lockdown, swimming was a huge part of all our lives. It’s the one thing the girls missed more than school. So, we adapted and started swimming a lot more outdoors as soon as that was allowed. I am very aware of the need to clean hands after swimming in open water. Unfortunately our waterways are not as clean as they should be, so decontaminating as soon as possible is essential.

Our favourite swimming spots don’t have hand washing facilities, so I make sure we have a bottle of sanitiser with us. The girls have got used to using it before and after swimming, going to the park and eating. So when they went back to school, it was easy to adapt to taking in a bottle of sanitiser to use when they need it. A 50ml bottle fo INEOS Hygienics sanitiser is great for popping in a book bag or lunch box. I tend to keep a larger bottle with me for after school and for use between activities.

Girl holding miniature bottle of Ineos Hygienics hand sanitiser. Blurred background of trees.

Wednesdays are a real rush for us after school. I pick the girls up and take them home for a quick change into ballet uniform. Then it’s off to ballet where Libby eats her dinner in the car while waiting for Lia, then they swap over and Libby has her ballet lesson. Next it’s off home for Libby to change into swimming kit. Then, we drive half an hour to swimming club. When that finishes it’s home to bed. When I’m packing Libby’s dinner, I pop the INEOS Hygienics sanitiser spray into the bag. It’s super quick to spray on all over the hands and then you just wait 30 seconds for it to dry. I feel happier that the girls are not spreading germs from one place to the next when we’re rushing around between activities.

Girl holding Ineos Hygienics hand sanitiser spray. Nature reserve in background.

INEOS Hygienics sanitisers are available to buy from Amazon.

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  1. I have hand sanitizer everywhere and the boys have their own bottles each. I never even stopped to think that they aren’t all created equally so I will have a look into ours.

    1. Yeah it’s definitely worth checking that they have a high enough alcohol percentage to be effective, I feel really secure with the INEOS Hygienics products knowing that they’re hospital grade.