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Ballet show outfits from Dance Gear

Libby and Lia have enjoyed being 2019 ambassadors for Dance Gear who make a range of beautiful ballet clothing. At this time of year, their ballet school always puts on a performance. The girls have done various classes at the ballet school over the years. Ballet, stage performance, rhythmic gymnastics and singing. This year, they’re both taking part with their ballet group and Lia will also be singing. Dance Gear kindly agreed to provide leotards for one of the ballet groups. We also bought Libby’s yellow leotard from them because she has recently moved up a group and we loved the…

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Thursday photo #165

We always tend to be busy doing fun things. Things that the girls want to do. Sport, days out, music and a plethora of other things. But sometimes we end up so busy that it stops being enjoyable, for me at least. Too much of a good thing We spent Saturday at a lovely little local music festival called WestFest. It is set near to our favourite park in a beautiful location. They had a bouncy castle and bouncy slide as well as the music tents, bar and market stalls. The girls had a brilliant time and even the dogs…

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