Thursday photo #165

We always tend to be busy doing fun things. Things that the girls want to do. Sport, days out, music and a plethora of other things. But sometimes we end up so busy that it stops being enjoyable, for me at least.

Too much of a good thing

We spent Saturday at a lovely little local music festival called WestFest. It is set near to our favourite park in a beautiful location. They had a bouncy castle and bouncy slide as well as the music tents, bar and market stalls. The girls had a brilliant time and even the dogs were able to come along. But whilst I enjoyed it, I was constantly feeling like I should be somewhere else.

Sunday was even busier with a ballet exam for Lia, followed by a swimming lesson, a birthday party and a school fayre. I’ve ended up fitting in work whenever I could – mostly in the evenings. This means I don’t get as much exercise or sleep as I’d like, which makes me grumpy. I often get to the end of the day and wish I hadn’t snapped at the girls or I’d spent more time with them. July is a fun month, but I’m already looking forward to getting back to normal.

A big decision

When Libby was tiny, she used to do ballet. In fact, I think she was only about 13 months when she started. We’d go together and the parents would join in too so that the children could have one-to-one help. Libby loved it, but the class eventually got moved to a morning we couldn’t make. By then Lia was joining in as well and both girls stopped when the day changed.

Libby was already going to her stage performance class at that point. She decided to continue with that and start up rhythmic gymnastics instead of progressing to the next ballet class. Fast forward a couple of years and Lia started ballet just after Christmas. Lia loves ballet more than anything else. She talks about it all the time and prances around the room showing us what she has learnt.

And this has rubbed off on Libby. So this week, she had a big decision to make. She went to a ballet class to decide whether she’d like to do that instead of rhythmic gym next term. Libby loved the ballet class and has decided that’s what she wants to do. She knows that she can change back to rhythmic gym at a later date if she decides ballet isn’t for her.

So it may be only a minor thing, but I love the fact that it’s a decision she has made herself. Perhaps for the first time ever, she is making a decision that will impact her future, albeit in a small way. How lovely to have reached an age where she can make these decisions herself rather than me beating myself up over them.

Our Thursday photo #165

Unusually for me, I can’t pick a favourite photo this week. I took both of these within a couple of minutes of each other at WestFest on Saturday. The girls look so happy in each other’s company in both photos that I had to post them both.

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