Ballet show outfits from Dance Gear

Libby and Lia have enjoyed being 2019 ambassadors for Dance Gear who make a range of beautiful ballet clothing. At this time of year, their ballet school always puts on a performance. The girls have done various classes at the ballet school over the years. Ballet, stage performance, rhythmic gymnastics and singing. This year, they’re both taking part with their ballet group and Lia will also be singing. Dance Gear kindly agreed to provide leotards for one of the ballet groups. We also bought Libby’s yellow leotard from them because she has recently moved up a group and we loved the leotards Dance Gear provided us with last year. Here’s a short video of the girls practicing their ballet a couple of weeks before the show.

Ballet show outfits

In a relatively large ballet school, kitting everyone out for a production is a mammoth task. The outfits are often handmade and always incredibly impressive. Usually though, they are based around a leotard or top in the correct colour. This year, Libby’s ballet group will be robins. The costumes will be based around these fabulous, bright red leotards to represent the bird’s red chest.

With the variety of leotards available on the Dance Gear website, it was easy to find just the right one. They come in a variety of sizes from tiny tots right up to adults. Libby’s group are aged between 6 and 8 years old with a couple of very little ones and a couple who are very tall. I ordered the bulk of the outfits in size 1c, to fit 7 to 8 year olds. Lia wore this size for me to take some photos and a video. The leotard was fine on her but stretches nicely to fit some of the bigger children.

If you’re kitting out children for a dance performance, it is well worth a look on the Dance Gear website. As well as the vast choice of dance wear and costume accessories, they can also produce made to order costumes. Choose one or two colours or patterns from over 90 fabrics. Choose a style from the website and they’ll make the costumes for you.

Ballet uniforms

As well as outfits for ballet shows, Dance Gear produce uniforms for various styles of ballet. Both girls have moved up a group since we last worked with Dance Gear. Lia now wears Libby’s white outfit and Libby was due an upgrade to a yellow leotard. As they get older, the leotards are worn without skirts for exams to allow the examiner to see their posture and position properly.

Libby is delighted with her new yellow leotard. It has short sleeves and a lovely gathered detail at the front. This style is available in a huge array of colours and can also be made in five different fabrics. Because these are made to order, you can choose any combination of colours and fabrics for a show or class uniform. Matching clothing and accessories are also available.

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