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The great Easter chocolate hunt with Prezzybox

This year, my girls are getting really excited about Easter. They seem to think the Easter bunny brought their Easter eggs last year, although I don’t remember telling them that. Nonetheless, it’s quite a magical time with the visit of the mythical bunny impending. So I decided that for the first time ever, we’d have an Easter egg hunt. But when Prezzybox got in touch and told me about their alternative Easter gifts, I decided it would be even more fun to hide some of those. I put some thought into where to hide the chocolate and decided that our…

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How to make healthy Easter egg nests: Recipe

Earlier in the week, Lia and I decided to put her fabulous apron from Arty apple through its paces. There’s nothing better than chocolate to test out an apron and with Easter coming up we thought we’d make Easter egg nests. When I was browsing Pinterest, I found this healthy chocolate recipe from Eats Amazing. We decided we’d give this a go and make healthy Easter egg nests. And I have to say, it was a resounding success! Here’s the video of how we did it and the written recipe is below. Healthy Easter egg nests – Ingredients Coconut oil (100g) Cocoa…

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Easter chocolate brownies

Yesterday morning, hubby made a start on our bathroom upgrade so I had the morning with the girls. This is pretty rare for me at the weekend, because I’m usually working.  So we made the most of the time and baked some chocolate brownies. I love baking but rarely have time to do it. I have to admit though, my brownies are pretty good. Even better with a little help it seems.  So, here is our (very simple) recipe.  You will need:  250g butter 200g fairtrade chocolate. We like them really chocolatey, so we used 85% cocoa dark chocolate. This…

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