Easter chocolate brownies

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Yesterday morning, hubby made a start on our bathroom upgrade so I had the morning with the girls. This is pretty rare for me at the weekend, because I’m usually working. 

So we made the most of the time and baked some chocolate brownies. I love baking but rarely have time to do it. I have to admit though, my brownies are pretty good. Even better with a little help it seems. 

So, here is our (very simple) recipe. 

You will need: 

250g butter

200g fairtrade chocolate. We like them really chocolatey, so we used 85% cocoa dark chocolate. This would work just as well with left over Easter eggs.

80g of cocoa powder

65g of plain flour

A teaspoon of baking powder

360g fairtrade light brown sugar

4 large free range eggs

1 Packet of Whitworth’s berries and cherries. These have a lovely, tangy flavour that cuts through the chocolate.

Zest of an orange

1 packet of fresh blueberries

Crème Fraiche

Solid chocolate mini eggs. (Fairtrade and palm oil free)


Turn the oven on to 180 and line a 20 cm square baking tin with greaseproof / baking paper. 

Break up the chocolate and cut the butter into chunks. Put them together into a pan on the lowest heat setting to melt them together, stirring regularly.

2015-03-21 11.21.18

When they’re melted, take them off the heat and mix in the Whitworth’s berries and cherries.  

Put the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and sugar into a large mixing bowl. Stir them together. Pour in the chocolate and butter mix and stir. 

Beat the eggs and pour them in. Mix everything together well until they’re completely combined. Pour them into the baking tin and cook for around half an hour. 

While they’re cooking, mix the orange zest and the blueberries into the crème fraiche. 

Then start cleaning the mixing bowl. 

2015-03-21 12.16.33

You might also want to clean out the crème fraiche pot but you’ll probably need some help with this one. 

2015-03-21 12.24.14

Bear in mind that brownies are supposed to be undercooked in the middle. 

I left ours to cool for an hour or so before taking it out of the tin, turning it over and pushing the eggs into the top. If you do it any sooner, they’ll melt everywhere. Not necessarily a bad thing. 

2015-03-21 14.41.10

I then cut it up into manageable, brownie sized pieces and we ate it with the crème fraiche. 

2015-03-21 14.51.21

The children enjoyed it with a sparkling red grape drink and hubby and I went for a nice glass of shiraz pinotage. Fabulous. 

I was really careful to make sure that all the ingredients were fair trade and didn’t contain palm oil. 

We bought all our ingredients from our local Central England Co-Op store, who were kind enough to give us a voucher to buy our ingredients. 

[AD] Contains gifted products

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