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The truth about friendship

As a child, I would hear people talking about friendships dwindling into adulthood. It seemed ridiculous. Of course I’d keep in touch with my friends. Every friendship was important to me so why wouldn’t I? And to an extent, I did. Not so many years ago, I had a group of friends I’d see every now and then. There were others I’d keep in touch with – a phone call here and an occasional meet up there. At Christmas, we’d send a card or buy a gift. When we got together, it was like we’d never been apart. The laughter flowed and we talked about…

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Our Thursday Photo #56

Chaos has reigned as usual in our house this week. More chaos than normal in fact.  My dad has been hard at work doing our bathroom for us. Last weekend, we had no bathroom from Thursday to Monday. The bath wasn’t fully functional again until yesterday morning. I showered at Dad’s on Sunday but between Thursday and Sunday and between Sunday and Wednesday morning, I didn’t wash.  Even for me, I’ve stooped to a new low. Nonetheless, the bathroom is now well on its way to looking fabulous. It seems the few days of being one of the great unwashed will…

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