Our Thursday Photo #56

Chaos has reigned as usual in our house this week. More chaos than normal in fact. 

My dad has been hard at work doing our bathroom for us. Last weekend, we had no bathroom from Thursday to Monday.

The bath wasn’t fully functional again until yesterday morning. I showered at Dad’s on Sunday but between Thursday and Sunday and between Sunday and Wednesday morning, I didn’t wash. 

Even for me, I’ve stooped to a new low.

Nonetheless, the bathroom is now well on its way to looking fabulous. It seems the few days of being one of the great unwashed will have been worth it. 

Last weekend, Libby had a little performance with her drama group. They sung two of their songs on the stage at a baby and toddler show. 

Libby didn’t really understand what would be happening, but she really enjoyed performing. 

Afterwards, there were pony rides. Libby was the first in the queue as usual but on this occasion, Lia wasn’t far behind. She was incredibly excited at being allowed on the tiny pony despite the enormous hat regularly falling over her eyes. 

The girls have enjoyed getting back into their normal routine after half term. Ballet is still a battle because Lia is starting to want to join in a little bit, but Libby doesn’t want me to sit next to her because she’s too independent. 

They both still love it and Libby joins in well, but she frequently has to get up and stomp across to the other side of the room when Lia and I get a bit too close. 

Despite her aversion to me anywhere near her, Lia appears to be in favour with Libby, perhaps even somewhat more than normal. 

We went to playgroup this morning and they were talking about friends. All the children were asked who their friends were and each one named somebody. 

When it came to Libby’s turn, she said, “My friend is Lia.”  

I was quite surprised to hear her say that, because she does have a few friends her own age. 

I suppose I hadn’t noticed how close the two of them have grown since starting to share a bedroom. Now that Lia’s cot has moved right next to Libby’s, they seem to be getting along even better. 

Our Thursday Photo #56 was taken just before bed time. Both girls were giggling and playing together on our bed. All in all, today has been quite a good day. 

2015-06-04 20.27.25


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