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Thursday Photo #185

Routine. Even the word fills me with dread. Synonymous with drudgery and boredom. And yet, it seems we have fallen into some sort of a routine. And it’s not as bad as I anticipated. Actually, I rather like it. The weekends Weekends around here look like this. Saturday – fun. A day out, somewhere exciting. This week, it was the Magical Christmas event at Drayton Manor. On a good week, I go out for the day with my husband and the girls. But even the bad weeks are not too bad. When I’ve got loads of work to do, I…

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Thursday photo #156

I’m not a huge fan of routine. Most days we tend to potter along in a relatively similar manner, but I’ll take any chance to be spontaneous. And yet, there has been so much upheaval over the past couple of years that I’m craving some sort of routine. Ready to find ‘normal’ My husband’s work has been somewhat changeable over the past two years. This was predominantly due to his injury. Then a restructure in the organisation was thrown in for good measure. And it seems that every couple of months, our little equilibrium changes again. For the past couple…

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