Squelch Wellies and Socks Review [AD]

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There’s very little that’s more irritating than buying things for children for them to immediately change their mind about them. They choose their favourite colour and reassure you that they absolutely love it. Days later, it’s the wrong colour and there’s no way they’re wearing it. In a complete stroke of genius, Squelch Wellies have changed all that. These see-through wellies allow children to make them whatever colour they like. Simply put on your favourite socks under them and they’re immediately transformed. Squelch sell some rather wonderful socks too.

Little girl lying in a field with buttercups in foreground and hills behind
Lia lying in the grass wearing Squelch wellies and rainbow socks

About Squelch Wellies

Unsurprisingly, Squelch Wellies were dreamed up by a mum with children who got bored of their wellies. Their boots are transparent with a lovely, thick sole and brilliant grip. Ideal for adventurous children who are happiest up a tree. Their socks are made from thick cotton to keep little feet nice and warm. Not only can children choose different patterns for their socks, there are seasonal options too. Want to wear Halloween or Christmas wellies? No problem, grab a pair of celebration socks.

Little girl with rainbow umbrella sitting in a tree wearing squelch wellies and rainbow socks looking into the distance
Libby in a tree with a rainbow umbrella, Squelch wellies and rainbow socks looking away

Squelch Wellies is a lovely, ethical small brand. The boots arrive in a sweet little reusable cotton bag instead of in a shoebox to reduce packaging and waste. As a company, they donate 10% of net profit from online sales to the Trussell Trust whose food banks help people in need across the UK. Customers can also enter the name of their child’s school at the checkout for a further 10% of the brand’s net profit to be donated to the school.

Squelch Wellies and socks

Squelch wellies are available in children’s sizes from 5 to 11.5. The sizes come up quite large, my two both wear size 11 to 12 and the 11.5 fits nicely with some growing room. The socks come in two sizes – Tots Squelch socks for 1-2 years and Minis Squelch socks for 3-6 years. That said, Libby is nearly 8 and the largest size of wellies and socks both fit her fine. She does have quite small feet for her age. The wellies themselves seem to be lovely quality and Libby was particularly gushing about the grip. For an adventurous child, this is all important.

There are some lovely socks available in various different colours and patterns. We chose some rainbow socks and some colouring socks. The girls loved colouring in the stars on their colouring socks. Washable fabric pens are included with these ones.

Little girl with rainbow umbrella sitting in a tree wearing squelch wellies and rainbow socks facing forwards
Libby sitting in a tree with a rainbow umbrella, Squelch wellies and rainbow socks
Little girl with rainbow umbrella sitting in a tree smiling and wearing squelch wellies and rainbow socks
Lia sitting in a tree with a rainbow umbrella, Squelch wellies and rainbow socks
Two little girls in a tree, both wearing squelch wellies and rainbow socks. One sitting down and one climbing the tree above her.
Libby and Lia in a tree with a rainbow umbrella, Squelch wellies and rainbow socks
Two pairs of feet in see through wellies with rainbow socks
Two pairs of Squelch wellies on little feet with rainbow socks
Two little girls colouring in stars on white socks with red trim
Libby and Lia colouring in their Squelch welly socks

Socks for adults and sparkly wellies for kids

My only complaint about Squelch Wellies is that their boots only go up to a children’s size 11.5. As well as the clear wellies in this size, they now also make sparkly boots in the same sizes. I’d love to see both larger children’s boots and adult ones. I would definitely wear them.

I’d be even more inclined to wear see-through boots now that Squelch make beautiful welly socks for adults. The knee-length socks come in various patterns including rainbows, flowers, birds and dragonflies. To find out more about the adult socks and all the children’s offerings from Squelch, head over to their website.

[AD] Contains gifted products

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  1. Oh, I’ve been looking at these for ages, for the girls next wellies. If we won the giveaway I think we’d choose, the rainbow, the pumpkin and the penguin socks. I think that covers all eventualities.

  2. I’d be letting my niece Issy choose – but Love the Rainbow Welly Sock , the Rainbow Spots on black and the giraffe print ones!

  3. The rainbow socks! We are loving rainbows at the minute. We have rainbows on the windows and we would have rainbows on our socks too!

  4. Octopus Welly Socks. I was hoping to find pirate sock which would have been perfect for my little boy.

  5. I would love to win for my daughter she’s five and her middle name is rainbow, she would love the rainbow socks best ❤️

  6. If I won, I’d pick the unicorn, ballet shoes and sugar plum fairy socks for my granddaughter.