Valentines gift ideas crystal water bottle

Valentines gift ideas to add a little luxury

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It’s always difficult to think of Valentines gift ideas with Christmas only just behind you. So, I always think of Valentines day as an excuse for a little treat. Something luxurious that you wouldn’t buy for yourself. Things with an indulgent feel about them, whether you’re buying them for a partner or just treating yourself. Here are some fabulous Valentines gift ideas, plus you can win a massage cushion for the ultimate indulgence.

Nordgreen watches

If you want something really special this Valentine’s day, take a look at Nordgreen watches. Their collections for both men and women are absolutely stunning. Choose a metal, leather or vegan faux leather strap. Customise the face and surround with the colour of your choice and create your ideal watch. Nordgreen have an ongoing mission of giving back to environmental causes with every sale, so it’s great to know that your purchase is contributing to something positive. I chose this Native model watch with a gun metal strap and surround and a navy dial. It arrived in a beautifully presented box and I love the way it reflects its surroundings when it’s on my arm.

Ice bottle cooler

Ideal for Valentine’s evening at home, this ice bottle cooler will keep your drinks at just the right temperature. It also makes a beautiful feature. Simply fill up the ice mould provided and leave it in the freezer overnight. When you’re ready, remove the ice from the mould and pop it onto the stand provided. You can fit a bottle into the middle of the ice, keeping it cool until you’re ready to drink it. For added effect, freeze flowers or fruit in the mould.

Valentines gift ideas ice cooler

Wine aerator

If your valentine enjoys good wine but doesn’t enjoy waiting for it to air, the wine aerator is a great compromise. Simply pour the wine through the aerator into the glass. This has the same effect as leaving wine to stand while you air it, but you get your first glass much quicker.

Valentines gift ideas wine aerator

Hot stone massage set

I always thought a hot stone massage was a bit of a gimmick, until I had one at the Malvern Spa. It was probably the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had. The heat of the stones quickly relaxes your muscles, making the massage much more pleasant and less painful. With a hot stone massage set as a Valentine’s gift, there’s no need to have a professional massage to experience the luxury of the stones.

Valentines gift ideas massage stones

Crystal elixir bottle

Probably the prettiest bottle you’ll ever drink from, the crystal elixir bottle contains a quartz crystal. Traditionally, quartz was believed to have healing properties and spread harmony and peace. Aside from that, it’s a stylish valentine’s gift with multiple uses at home and out and about. Its protective sleeve made from neoprene makes it practical to carry with you to remain hydrated all day.

Valentines gift ideas crystal water bottle

Snug rug blanket with sleeves

Whilst spring is definitely on the way by Valentine’s day, the weather is still decidedly chilly. If you or your loved one enjoy being snug and warm indoors on a winter’s evening, you’ll enjoy the luxury of this snug rug blanket. All the comfort of a blanket, but with sleeves to keep it in place and a useful pocket. It’s spectacularly soft and ideal to keep near the sofa for snuggling into when the temperature drops. 

Valentines gift ideas snug blanket

Massage cushion

Whilst the massage cushion would make an ideal Valentine’s gift for anyone, it’s equally suited ideal to buy as a treat for yourself. Because you don’t need a partner or friend to give you a massage. Simply plug in the massage cushion and relax into a lower back massage. It’s great for on the sofa and there’s even an adaptor so you can use it in the car. The cover is removable and replaceable so you can match it with the rest of your cushions. 

Valentines gift ideas massage cushion

Win a massage cushion

CoolStuff have kindly agreed to give away a massage cushion to one lucky winner. If you’d like a daily massage without moving from your chair, enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below. Please read my competition terms and conditions before entering.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[AD] Contains gifted products

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  1. I would buy the Hot stone massage set from Zenkuru as I’ve always wanted to try a hot stone massage. All the gifts look lovely though

  2. Would love to get my other half an automatic dog ball launcher – Not really a valentines gift but definitely would be the gift that keeps giving in our house!

  3. A bit random for Valentine’s Day but I would have liked to have got us Ocean Xplorer Underwater Scooter to share.