Win a Hogwarts Express 500 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle

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Isn’t it wonderful how the Harry Potter series appeals to both children and their parents? Many parents read the books when they were children. Then came the films and now, we’re introducing the characters to the next generation. That’s why toys and games with a Harry Potter theme are ideal for the whole family. This Hogwarts Express 500 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle is a great example. It is aimed at children aged six years old and over, but in reality the whole family will enjoy getting stuck in. It is available to buy here.

About the Hogwarts Express 3D jigsaw puzzle

We are not a family that regularly does jigsaws. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever done a 500 piece jigsaw. But recently, Lia got really into a unicorn puzzle. So, we decided it was time to take on something a bit more difficult. And this really was much more difficult.

Because this jigsaw is 3D, each piece looks quite different depending on the light you see it in. There are also a few areas of background with very similar colours that don’t have any particular picture on them. These things combined make it quite difficult to put the puzzle together. It is recommended for children over six years old. Lia is six later this year and Libby is seven. In our experience, they were both fine to get involved in putting the puzzle together. That said, neither of them would have had the patience to do it on their own, so it was very much a family effort. Even the cat got involved.

Our tip would be to start with the bits that have a recognisable picture on them and work out from there. The edges are all very similarly coloured, so starting by putting those together wasn’t practical. Once we’d got the writing and the easier bits of the train in place, we focussed on colours and the way the light reflected on different areas to work out what went where. I would definitely recommend doing this jigsaw on a board so you can keep it out and have a go at it whenever you have some time, it’s not a quick process. Finally, it’s much easier to do the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 3D puzzle in daylight because the patterns are difficult to see under artificial light.

Win a 500 piece Hogwarts Express 3D jigsaw puzzle

If you fancy a challenge, this is your chance to win a 500 piece Hogwarts Express 3D jigsaw puzzle. The prize will be provided and sent by Kidicraft. Please read my competition terms and conditions before entering via the Rafflecopter below.

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[AD] Contains gifted products

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  2. We are huge Harry Potter fans in our house so I love the look of all the Harry Potter puzzles. Norbert looks like a tricky one.

  3. Love the idea of Magnetic Paint & Accessories, may even part the boys from their screens for a while