Lockdown valentines gifts to show someone you’re thinking of them

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Valentine’s day somehow seems more important this year. Date nights have stopped for all of us. Going out for dinner is a distant memory and many of us can’t even see the ones we love. These lockdown valentine’s gift suggestions aren’t just for a partner. They’re for anybody you can’t be with to show them that you’re thinking of them.

Lockdown valentine’s gifts for a partner

Lockdown valentine’s gifts for a partner need to be all about enjoying being at home. Home date nights, making the home environment more pleasant and spending time together. It’s a tough time for all of us so a thoughtful gift will give partners a much needed reason to smile.

Garden artwork from Narla

Those of us lucky enough to have a garden during lockdown have been appreciating it more than ever. That’s why garden artwork from Narla makes an absolutely beautiful lockdown valentine’s gift. The artwork is exclusive with only limited pieces available. It is made from weathered Cor-ten steel so each piece is individual. Additionally, the look and feel of the artwork changes over time as it becomes more weathered. You even have the option of adding an LED light to the picture for added effect. I absolutely love our Narla artwork and fully intend to add another piece at some point. I highly recommend choosing a part of the garden where the light will add to the effect of your artwork. My Narla tree looks particularly beautiful at sunrise.

Lockdown valentine's gift of art for the garden
Narla garden artwork at sunrise
Narla garden artwork with the rising sun shining behind it
Narla garden artwork with the rising sun behind

Vintage Jewellery from AC Silver

I have a real soft spot for things that are old and quirky. That’s why vintage jewellery really appeals to me. What a lovely way to show someone that you have really thought about them. This cocktail watch has diamonds set in platinum on the strap and a gorgeous vintage watch face. The ultimate luxury jewellery gift.

Accessories from Trendhim

When it comes to clothes and accessories, my husband would rather choose his own than have me buy something for him. The Trendhim website offers a vast choice of accessories so it’s easy to sit down together and choose a gift that will really be used. My husband went for a pair of Red and Black Rectangular Sunglasses that he’ll use for cycling. These offer UVA and UVB protection and smoke coloured lenses in a wraparound style.

Red and Black Rectangular Sunglasses

My husband also chose a Lealand Green Foldable Duffle Bag. This one does come with a warning though. My husband chose it and I’m sure he has a use in mind for it. But it packs down into a small case then opens out to a decent size bag and the case remains attached to the bag as an extra pocket. I can’t help thinking that it’s exactly what I need for my kit when I’m open water swimming. So realistically, if I wanted one as a gift for my husband then we probably should have ordered two.

Foldable duffle bag packed away into an attached case
Lealand Green Foldable Duffle Bag

Lockdown Valentine’s date night at home from Red Letter Days

When did you last have a proper date night with your partner? I honestly can’t remember when we last did. That’s why this at home dining experience from Red Letter days makes an ideal lockdown valentine’s gift. The voucher is for use on the Banquist website where you can choose the meal you would enjoy most.  A vegetarian option is available.  Then, Banquist will deliver a hamper to your home containing luxury ingredients and wine to compliment your meal.  Then, cook along to the video of a professional chef demonstrating how to cook your three course menu. This is a lovely way to enjoy a Michelin star style meal at home.  

Give the lockdown valentine's gift of a date night at home
The lockdown valentine’s gift of a date night at home

Lockdown Valentine’s cocktails from NIO

With cocktail bars entirely off limits at present, enjoying a cocktail at home seems blissfully indulgent. If buying the ingredients separately sounds a bit too much like hard work, you will love the expertly crafted cocktail selection from NIO. Simply choose a box of 3, 6 or 9 cocktails and decide which drinks you want to include. The box will be delivered straight to your door. It even fits through the letterbox. All that’s left for you to do is to give it a shake, pour over ice and enjoy.

Box of six NIO lockdown valentine's cocktails
Lockdown valentine’s cocktails from NIO fit through your letterbox

Afternoon tea from Bradfords bakers

An afternoon tea from Bradfords Bakers is a fabulous lockdown treat for the whole family. Enjoy an afternoon tea box delivered to your door containing Devon and fruit scones with jam and clotted cream. These arrive with your choice of cakes, Belgian chocolate dipped strawberries, English blend teabags and a miniature bottle of Prosecco.  For the final touch, you can order a disposable cake stand to present your treats on. This is a lovely way to brighten up another dull day of lockdown.

Cheer up the whole family with the lockdown valentine's gift of afternoon tea at home
Cheer everyone up with a lockdown valentine’s day afternoon tea at home

A miniature rose from Bloom and Wild

Bloom and Wild offer a selection of letterbox flowers. Most of them are fresh, cut flowers but they can also post a beautiful miniature rose plant. The plant arrives in a long, flat box that fits perfectly through your letterbox. The rose is posted with roots in tact in a small amount of soil. Simply pop it into your pop-up pot and add the extra soil and moss that are provided. The plant arrives in bud so that it lasts longer. Keep it watered regularly and it should last for four weeks or more.

Bloom and wild send a miniature rose in the post for valentine's day
A miniature rose in the post

Gifts for a friend or relative you’re thinking of on lockdown valentine’s day

Lockdown is a different experience for each of us but the one thing everyone has in common is missing friends and family. Here are a few ideas for gifts for someone you’re missing. Put a smile on their face and show them that you’re thinking of them.

Indulgent organic skincare from Alteya

Sometimes a little treat like some gorgeous skincare is all it takes to brighten up your day. Treat a friend to some organic skincare essentials from Alteya. Chamomile water is a lovely way to combat dry skin. Made with organic, fresh chamomile flowers, it is toning, energising and soothes irritation and inflammation. Alteya’s Rose lip balm provides hydration, protection and nourishment for sensitive lips. It locks moisture in and reduces the appearance of wrinkles to make lips look more defined and fuller. Better still, all the Alteya products are natural and cruelty free.

Celebrate lockdown valentine's day with luxury organic skincare from Alteya
Treat someone to luxury, organic Alteya skincare

Pregnancy, birth and new mum set from Natural Birthing Company

Being pregnant during lockdown must be incredibly tough. Not least because when you bring your beautiful bundle of joy into the world, there will be a very limited number of people who can visit. Show a pregnant friend or family member you’re thinking of them with this lovely birthing essentials gift set from the Natural Birthing Company. Developed by midwives and aromatherapists, each product supports in a natural way during and after birth. Cool it Mama calms and cools hot flushes and eases headaches.  Relax and Breathe is a massage oil to relax both mind and body.  Bottoms up will offer instant, soothing relief to soreness after birth. Sleepy Mama relaxing pillow mist has relaxing, calming benefits to help new mums to get some sleep when they can. 

A birthing essentials gift set is ideal for anyone due to give birth in lockdown
A birthing essentials lockdown valentine’s gift set

Celebrate lockdown valentine’s day with Pink Mermaid Gin

Mermaid gin is made in the Isle of Wight with foraged rock samphire. For the pink colour and an extra hint of sweetness, the distillers have added some fresh Isle of Wight strawberries to their mermaid pink gin. With no added sugar, it is less sweet than other pink gins and you can clearly taste the strawberries. The distinctive bottle is recyclable with a plant based, biodegradable seal and a sustainably sourced cork and wood stopper. Mermaid gin is available from John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Master of Malt. Find a stockist near you on the Isle of Wight Distillery website.  

Pink mermaid gin is ideal for valentine's day
Cheer someone up with Pink Mermaid Gin

Four Roses Bourbon

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon is hand crafted by a master distiller using four specially selected Bourbon recipes. It is described as mellow and perfectly balanced and best enjoyed straight or on the rocks. Any Bourbon lover will appreciate this multi-award winning variety as a valentine’s gift.  

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon
An ideal lockdown Valentine’s gift for a Bourbon lover

Personalised cushion from ASDA Photo

A personalised photo cushion is the ultimate valentine’s gift for a grandparent missing their grandchildren during lockdown. You might not be able to send them a hug in the post, but this is the next best thing. Photo products arrive quickly and can be sent directly to the recipient to cut down on postage.

A personalised photo cushion is a lovely lockdown valentine's gift for grandparents
The next best thing to a hug is a personalised cushion as a lockdown valentine’s gift

Lockdown valentine’s gifts for children

My children love valentine’s day. They always make a card for somebody at school who makes them smile. We’re not a family that usually celebrates with valentine’s gifts, but lockdown valentine’s day somehow feels different.

Tablet stand from Armadillo Sun

Homeschool has lots of challenges. For us, one of the issues is that the girls are working predominantly from tablets. At a small desk writing and trying to look at the screen can be problematic. This beanbag tablet stand has made everything a lot easier. The girls have claimed it for when they’re just watching the tablets as well, making themselves comfy on the bed or the floor. It would make a lovely lockdown valentine’s gift for a child.

Homeschool is just a little easier with a tablet beanbag
The tablet beanbag makes homeschooling just a little easier

Yumology science of sweets kit from Learning Resources

Right at the beginning of lockdown, my girls were telling me how sad they were that they couldn’t do science experiments during homeschool. So, what could be better than learning about the science of sweet creations? The Learning Resources Yumology Sweets Lab has all the equipment you need for making biscuits, lollies and juices from basic household ingredients. There aren’t many children who would complain about a bit of extra science if they get to eat the results.

Any child will enjoy science with this lockdown valentine's gift of a sweet creating lab
Science at home with yummy results

Lockdown valentine’s gifts for yourself

There’s no better time to treat yourself than when you need it most. And I think we’re all in need of a little treat at the moment. These lockdown valentine’s gifts would be lovely to give away as well. But I think you’ll want to keep them for yourself.

Personalised desk art from ASDA photo

Isn’t it funny how we miss places as well as people when we can’t go far? The little spot in the river where I regularly go wild swimming is one of my favourite places and I miss it. So, I’ve treated myself to a beautiful piece of personalised desk art with a photograph of my swimming spot at sunset. I’m spending a lot of time at my desk at the moment and glancing up to see this beautiful photo reminds me that this isn’t forever. Lockdown will end and we’ll get back to the people and places we love.

Treat yourself to some personalised desk art as a lockdown valentine's gift from you to you
Treat yourself to a lockdown valentine’s gift

Prints to brighten up your home from Ink and Drop

There’s no better time to brighten things up around the home. After all, we’re spending enough time there. I was in the middle of decorating my kitchen before lockdown and I have completely failed to finish it due to lack of time with the children at home. Nonetheless, there are other ways to brighten up the place. Ink and Drop sell a variety of prints for the home. Each one comes in various different sizes and you’ll find everything from abstract art to inspiring words.

Abstract glacier artwork
An abstract glacier print
The lockdown valentine's gift of a cheerful pineapple print will brighten up your home
Brighten up the home with a cheerful yellow pineapple print

Flamingo love doormat from Red Candy

Nothing says love quite like two flamingos making a heart with their necks. This flamingo doormat from Red Candy is another beautiful way to brighten up the home. Of course, it would make a lovely gift. But at the moment, I think it’s an ideal gift to treat yourself to. When visitors are allowed into our homes again, the flamingos will be there to offer a warm, loving welcome.

Nothing says happy lockdown valentine's day like two flamingos making a heart with their necks
Lockdown love for your home with a Flamingo doormat from Red Candy

Something comfy to wear from Love Leggings

Most of us are existing in comfy clothes or exercise gear at the moment. Why not treat yourself to something new for both before and after lockdown from Love Leggings? Sports leggings are ideal for getting out and about to exercise. Or, go for a pair of classic leggings that can be dressed down with a baggy jumper while you’re at home. When we’re allowed to socialise again, they team up beautifully with a casual dress. Children who love to twin with mum can have a matching pair too.

Love leggings comfy clothing for lockdown
Love leggings comfy clothing for lockdown
Children can twin with mum with their own love leggings lockdown valentines gift
Children can twin with mum in their leggings

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  1. Some lovely ideas for lockdown Valentine’s gifts. I keep being tempted to try an afternoon tea hamper – it sounds like such a lovely treat. The photo cushion is such a lovely idea – my sister sent me one with a photo of Jessica on shortly after she died and it’s been such a comfort to be able to cuddle ‘Jessica’ when grief is hitting hard. I love the garden artwork – it does look beautiful with the rising sun behind it x

    1. Thank you Louise. I notice your Jessica cushion in your photos and often think what a wonderfully thoughtful gift it was. I highly recommend an afternoon tea hamper, it really gave us all a boost that day. I’m very pleased with our Narla artwork too, I look forward to seeing it with different lights at different times in the year.