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15 Things you need to know about Hogwarts in the snow

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Entering the great hall was a breathtaking moment. Even for those who have seen it before, this year is special. From November 2017 to January 2018, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour is transformed into Hogwarts in the Snow. For the first time ever, the Great Hall is decorated as it was for the Yule Ball. And it’s beautiful. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Your Christmas decorations will instantly seem rubbish

Are you proud you are of the way your home is decorated for Christmas? Be prepared for a disappointment. You will NEVER do the festive season justice again without a witch flying around the top of your tree.

Christmas tree in the great hall at Hogwarts

2. The Yule Ball is real

Visitors to Hogwarts in the Snow get a taste of what it was like for the Yule Ball. But if you have £240 each to spare, you can actually eat dinner in the Great Hall, with it decorated as it was for the Yule ball. Walk down the red carpet before being seated in the actual set. Dessert is served on platform 9 3/4 and of course, there is Butterbeer as well as a bar and dancing to round off the night.

This is for adults only and is sold out for 2017. Hogwarts in the snow is suitable for the whole family, including young children. Tickets are limited for 2017 but you can check availability online.

Christmas tree and table in the Hogwarts great hall

3. The ice sculpture and snow clad Christmas trees will take your breath away

On entering the great hall, visitors explore the table settings and scenery before making their way to the ice sculpture. Behind this, there are snow clad Christmas trees and magic musical instruments. It’s like stepping into the Yule Ball itself.

Christmas trees behind ornate ice sculpture

4. Watch out for the dementors

Heading from the Great Hall into the rest of the tour is a little frightening. Ride on a broomstick, see how fire and ice is made and explore the sets and special effects. But look out for the Dementors roaming around, they’re out to get you.

Me looking frightened of a lady dressed up as a dementor

5. Amazing special effects

Above the table hangs a former teacher at Hogwarts. So you’ve made it out past the Dementors? Spare a thought for visitors that weren’t so lucky.

dementors sat around a large table with a girl suspended above them lying down

6. Head into the Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest set has only recently opened. Look out for the massive webs – oh, and those spiders! You’ll see friendly faces too, Buckbeak the Hippogriff is waiting to greet you.

realistic model of a large spider

7. Board the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4

Push your trolley through the wall and arrive on platform 9 3/4. Here, you’ll find the Hogwarts Express, complete with steam waiting for you to board. The carriages are set up with one representing each film. Stroll along, soaking up the atmosphere and seeing where the cast sat onboard the fabled engine.

Hogwarts express steam train with steam coming out

8. Feeling a little chilly?

On descending from the train, visitors can step inside the simulator to see what it was like to be onboard the moving Hogwarts express. But be sure to look out of the window, you never know what might be out there, especially if you feel the temperature drop.

me looking frightened of a dementor outside the window of the hogwarts express

9. The Knight bus is magical at night

Hogwarts in the snow is special at any time of day. But the outdoor area and the Knight bus in particular are spectacular after dark.

the Knight bus in the dark

10. Take a walk down Privet Drive

Behind the Knight bus, you will find the house Harry lived in with the Dursleys. Look out for photos from filming around the set, including Harry Potter and Ron Weasley working on scenes together. Head round the back to see how the realistic bricks were created.

The outside of 1 Privet drive with the Privet Drive sign in the foreground

11. See Harry’s Hogwarts letter arriving

Do you remember that scene where Harry’s Hogwarts letter arrived – but the Dursleys wouldn’t let him have it? Well, step inside number 4 Privet Drive to see the moment hundreds of Hogwarts letters come flying in through the fireplace.

The inside of the living room at 1 Privet drive with letters swirling around in the air

12. Take a ride in the Weasley’s Car and Hagrid’s motorbike

Like many of the exhibits, the vehicles are very hands on. Climb into the flying car or the iconic motorcycle for a photo.

the Weazeley's car and motorcycle

13. Watch out for footprints in the snow

As you enter Diagon Alley, look out for footprints appearing in the snow. If you look carefully, you can see them walking along. But wait, there’s nobody there to make them!

building on diagon alley with footprints in the snow outside

14. Stroll up Diagon Alley

Towards the end of the tour, you can take a stroll up Diagon Alley. Look around at all the shops and see if you can sport where Harry would have bought his wand, broomsticks and owl.

diagon alley with people walking up it

15. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the Hogwarts Model

Using a combination of paper and salt sprinkled by hand, the Hogwarts model is transformed for the Winter season. Make sure you have enough battery left on your camera because you’ll want to take hundreds of photographs. It’s quite magical.

hogwarts in the snow model
Harry Potter - Hogwarts in the snow | If you are a Harry Potter fan then a visit to the Warner Brothers studio tour in London, England, UK is a must. And there's nothing more magical than visiting in the Winter to see Hogwarts in the Snow and witness the Great Hall decorated for the Yule Ball. #harrypotter #hogwartsinthesnow #daysout #england #wbstudiotour

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  1. Hi Nat, Hogwarts In The Snow looks amazing. I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but I’d love this. The photos with you in are fab, we hide the wrong side of the camera far too often. Not sure about the spider though, a bit too big for comfort.


  2. Oh that is incredible all the touches they make to ensure it is truly magical at Christmas. There have been some changes since we last went too so we really ought to go back and booking at Christmas sounds the perfect time to do it.

  3. OMG this looks incredible I so need to visit here. I’ve still not been. I would love to and the Christmas extras look wonderful. Thanks for sharing and awesome pictures xx #mondaystumble

  4. It looks AMAZING. It’s been a few years since we visited – before the Forbidden Forest and even before Platform 9 3/4 – so we probably need to go again, right?
    I can’t believe it’s actually possible to dine in the Great Hall. What an amazing treat that would be – a once in a lifetime experience!