New Tamarin Trail, Drayton Manor: Review
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New Tamarin Trail, Drayton Manor: Review

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On Friday, we were invited to the official opening of the brand new Tamarin Trail at Drayton Manor Park in Tamworth, West Midlands. We have always been huge fans of Drayton Manor, first visiting when Lia was just four months old. I love the fact that the park is constantly updating. Last year, Thomas Land was expanded and this year, it was the turn of the Haunting.

On arrival at the park, we headed straight for the haunting to check out the new, updated experience. I’ve always loved this ride, but it is now a lot more interactive. You are escorted through the experience by ‘men in white coats’, and guided through the paranormal activity by video messages from ‘Dr Ghostman.’

The moving part of the exhibit still takes the same format but with a different paranormal experience going on at the time. On leaving the ride, you choose to press a button to say whether or not you experienced paranormal activity. Without giving the game away, we pressed the yes button!

Tamarin Trail at Drayton Manor: Review

The new Tamarin Trail

When the Haunting had finished frightening the life out of us, it was time to head to the Tamarin Trail. On opening the attraction, the CEO of Drayton Manor talked a bit about conservation of tamarins and marmosets and the place that captive breeding programs like that at Drayton Manor have to play.

The Tamarin Trail is set in beautifully planted natural gardens with a pretty stream running through. The little monkeys are in groups with large enclosures that have both indoor and outdoor areas. Species include red handed tamarin, white lipped tamarin, cotton top tamarin, emperor tamarin and common marmosets. For Easter, the Tamarins were given decorated Easter Eggs that contained their favourite treats – crickets and meal worms. We joined in the fun too, sporting some fabulous tamarin moustaches.

New Tamarin Trail, Drayton Manor: Review
New Tamarin Trail, Drayton Manor: Review
Photo courtesy of Drayton Manor
New Tamarin Trail, Drayton Manor: Review

Easter at Drayton Manor

The girls were over the moon to see all the colourful characters wandering around the park this weekend. Lia was happy to watch from a distance, but Libby waltzed up to each of them and introduced herself.

The Drayton Manor Mascot, Rory the Lion, was joined by a stilt walker, a cute little monkey and even a very special seasonal guest – the Easter bunny. Seeing him has made Easter even more magical for the girls, who genuinely believed that he had popped round in the night with their Easter gifts.

New Tamarin Trail, Drayton Manor: Review
New Tamarin Trail, Drayton Manor: Review

Drayton Manor with young children

I have always been amazed at how much there is for tiny children to do at Drayton Manor. Not only are there specific rides aimed at toddlers in Thomas Land, but some of the bigger rides are suitable for them too.

The Buffalo Coaster is a fun little roller coaster, and going on that makes the girls feel so grown up. We all enjoy the Wild West Shoot Out, Drunken Barrels, Jolly Buccaneer and the Big Wheel, all of which are situated outside of Thomas Land.

Even for children who don’t want to go on rides at all, there is still plenty to do with the zoo, play park, huge soft play area and the Drayton Queen boat. We were at Drayton Manor virtually every month in 2015 and yet we never tire of it. On Friday, we arrived before 9.30 am and didn’t leave the park until after 5pm with two tired, excited, happy girls who can’t wait to do it all again soon.

I also find myself yet again apologising for the Christmas pudding hat. I am sorry Drayton Manor for ruining your Easter experience, she has been wearing the hat since November and refuses to take it off. I have no idea what we are going to do in the summer.

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