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Thomas Land: Review and Competition

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We were lucky enough to be selected as ambassadors for Drayton Manor Theme Park during their 2015 season. We have been going regularly since Lia was just four months old and it is safe to say that it is the girls’ absolute favourite place. If you are a fan of Drayton Manor or would love to give it a try, keep reading for your chance to win a family pass for a day at Drayton Manor this season.

Today, we were invited to the first day of the Thomas & Friends Weekends at Thomas Land within Drayton Manor. These are happening this weekend and next weekend (27th and 28th February and 5th to 6th March). These are specially for little ones because only Thomas Land rides are open. 

Thomas Land: Review

Thomas Land is quite literally a dream come true for little ones. Many of the rides are suitable for tiny children, as long as they can sit up on their own. That said, they are still exciting for older children too, I’d say children up to around eight years old would still love the rides.

We started off the morning on the Jeremy Jet’s Flying Academy at Sodor Airport. I love the fact that the girls were able to sit together at the front of the plane and be the pilots, while I sat behind.

Thomas Land: Review of Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park, Tamworth, West Midlands

I was really quite concerned today about taking the girls to the park on my own. A friend was going to come with me but was unable to do so at the last minute. Luckily the staff were brilliant all day and we all had a fabulous day out. I wouldn’t hesitate to take them on my own again.

As well as Jeremy Jet’s Flying Academy, other rides suitable for tiny tots include Bertie Bus, Blue Mountain Engines, Flynn’s Fire Rescue, Harold’s Helicopter Tours, Lady’s Carousel, Rocking Bulstrode, Sodor Classic Cars, Winston’s Whilstle Stop Tours and Diesel’s Locomotive Mayhem. Libby decided to take her nursery school toy on a few of the rides, this is him on Diesel’s Locomotive Mayhem.

Thomas Land: Review of Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park, Tamworth, West Midlands

There are a few Thomas Land rides that are for bigger children, with a height restriction of between 90 cm and 1 metre. Libby is just tall enough for the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster which she is delighted about. It is clear at the start of the queue what the height limit is, so you don’t have to queue just to find out that you can’t go on.

From Thomas Land, you can take the train to Farmer McColl’s farm, along with the zoo and play park. Today we went for a ride on Thomas, but the girls were a bit star-struck to meet Rosie.


We have had some lovely meals at the food outlets at Drayton Manor and today was no exception. They are all very reasonably priced and the food is great for the price. Today we enjoyed a meal at Safari Pizza and Pasta and fed all three of us on £10.

We also spent a bit of time in the VIP rooms at Thomas Land. I just love the rooms in there, the photo at the top of this post is of the wall of one of the rooms. You can hire the rooms out for functions and parties. Libby is desperately trying to persuade me to let her have her birthday party there. I don’t blame her if I’m honest!

The main season at Drayton Manor starts on 12th March. There are some lovely events coming up including Mother’s Day and the launch of the new Tamarin Trail on 25th March, just in time for Easter. Find out more over on their website.

Thomas Land: Review of Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park and Zoo, Tamworth, West Midlands

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