Sustainable hen do party bags

If you’re arranging a hen do, party bags are a lovely touch. A little memento for everyone to remember the weekend and make it feel even more special. However with the focus on sustainability, many party bag staples are best avoided these days. Badges and balloons for adults? Unnecessary. Putting things in a plastic bag? Out of the question. So, here are a few ideas for creating a sustainable party bag.

A reusable tote

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to put post-party gifts in a little plastic bag. Whilst you could use a paper bag instead, it’s much better to go with a reusable tote. They’re bigger so you’re not restricted on the gifts you put in the bag. You can buy them quite cheaply, but most importantly they’ll be reused rather than thrown away. If you’re feeling really plush, you could stretch to a designer tote from my favourite sustainable store, Wyatt and Jack who make their bags from reclaimed inflatables.

A little treat

Every good gift bag needs to contain a treat. To keep it sustainable, why not do some research into what the party goers enjoy? After all, it’s only a treat if it’s something you like. You could treat someone with a sweet tooth to a little bag of sweets or miniature box of chocolates. A gin lover would enjoy some gin miniatures. You could even find out what everyone’s favourite tipple is so that bags can be given out on arrival with a welcome drink in there.

Miniature plants

When my sister got married, she put miniature succulent plants on the table as wedding favours. That was just over a year ago and ours are still going strong. In fact, I need to repot one over the next few days because it’s grown so big. If you can’t find miniature plants then you could consider seeds instead. Wildflower seeds for a patch of garden, seeds that grow into the recipient’s favourite flower or even Christmas tree seeds if it’s a winter hen do.

Something relaxing

A hen do is often a bit chaotic, so something to relax and calm down is always a lovely party bag idea. Some relaxing essential oils, a reusable eye mask or a nice ethical moisturiser could work. Bath salts, a lovely organic soap, handmade facial scrub or a nice reusable coffee cup would also be lovely ideas.

reusable travel coffee cup as father's day gift

A hug in a mug

If you’re including a reusable coffee cup, why not stock up on hot drinks too? Rather than everyone buying tea and coffee, you could set up a little drinks station. Hot chocolate, marsh mallows, a selection of teas and coffees. Pop a little note in everyone’s coffee cup to say where the drinks station is and that they can help themselves.

Please do let me know any other sustainable gifts you think of. It’s always great to build up lots of gift ideas that won’t end up in landfill.

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