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Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare review

Shopping ethically is really important to me. So much so that I launched a website to help people to choose products that are free from palm oil. I have some amazing products listed on there, including a palm oil free toothpaste for children made by Jack and Jill. I was honoured to be asked to review their range of eco friendly toothcare. In fact, I had no idea how big a range they had and I’m seriously impressed.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

Jack and Jill toothpaste

The organic toothpastes are the products I was already aware of because they are free from palm oil. They come in a range of flavours and are totally natural with no sugar, fluoride, preservatives or other nasties. We tried out the blackcurrant, banana and natural flavours.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

Libby likes the banana best whereas Lia prefers the blackcurrant. Lia thinks the natural one tastes just like the blackcurrant, so she loves them both. I ran out of toothpaste myself and decided to use the natural flavour. I think it tastes great and my teeth felt really clean after using it. I’m really happy giving this to the girls to use as I know there are no nasties in it and it looks after their teeth.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

Jack and Jill bio toothbrush

My girls have a real thing about throwing things away. Toothbrushes are no exception. When they need a new toothbrush, there’s a real argument about why we have to throw away the old one and get a new one. And if I’m honest, I’m inclined to agree with them. Toothbrushes aren’t recyclable or biodegradable. They just go to landfill in their droves. Except for the ones made by Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

The Jack and Jill bio toothbrush has a handle made from corn starch. In use, the brush is just the same as a plastic one. The handle is robust and the head has soft nylon bristles to clean little teeth beautifully. The difference comes when the toothbrush is no longer usable.

To dispose of these brushes, you simply break off the head and pop the handle in your compost bin. The nylon of the head is recyclable, so you’ll need to check with your local council as to whether they recycle it. The handle will biodegrade with the rest of your compost, typically taking around 90 days to do so.

Jack and Jill tooth and gum brush

Well this is a funny looking contraption! The tooth and gum brush is made from soft silicone. It is double sided so it cleans top and bottom teeth at the same time. It also hugs the teeth to make sure the whole tooth and the gums get cleaned.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

I’ll be honest, when I saw this I didn’t think Lia would have it anywhere near her. She’s pretty fussy and this thing looks odd. But nevertheless I showed it to her and asked if she’d like to try it. And not only did she try it, she loved it.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

The thing Lia loves about this brush is that she can use it herself. There’s no worries about her not cleaning the whole of her teeth because it’s so easy. So, I just pop the toothpaste on and she gets on and cleans her teeth. This is something she’s been wanting to do for ages because Libby occasionally cleans her own teeth without help, but Lia wasn’t really brushing properly so I hadn’t let her. I’m still brushing her teeth for her once a day with her bio toothbrush, but once a day she does them herself with this. And she couldn’t be more delighted.

Jack and Jill buzzy brush electric musical toothbrush

Libby has always wanted an electric toothbrush. I got my Brio electric toothbrush nearly a year ago now, and she’s been asking for one ever since. I’ve been reluctant because I wasn’t sure if she would use it properly or if she was ready for it. And I didn’t really feel confident cleaning her teeth for her with an electric brush.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

The Jack and Jill buzzy brush is perfect for young children. It has three modes so it can either play a tune, give verbal instructions about how to clean your teeth or just remain silent. In all modes it stays on for two minutes so you know they’ve brushed their teeth for long enough. Libby has been loving this and I’m happy for her to clean her teeth herself with it once a day.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

The toothbrush requires two AA batteries to operate. These are not included in with the brush. But what they do include is a pack of bubble stickers so the child can personalise their own brush. This is a brilliant idea, especially for siblings who both have a buzzy brush. Libby loved decorating it and is very happy to have an electric toothbrush that she can use herself.

Jack and Jill tooth keeper

I just love this idea. Along with their toothbrushes and toothpaste, the girls received this little hippo tooth keeper. When their teeth fall out, they can put the tooth into this to put it under their pillow. That way, it’s just a little bit easier for the tooth fairy to find. These come in six different characters and they’re made from organic fabric. They’re the perfect gift for a child who has just lost their first tooth.

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare

Please note, these items were sent to me by Jack and Jill tooth care to allow me to produce this review. All views, opinions and delighted children are my own.


  1. March 17, 2017 / 3:46 pm

    Wow! They’ve come a long way from the days of the natural toothpaste I had as a child! These sound amazing.xx

  2. March 19, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    This looks like a great range for kids. I’ve never been to sure about Alice moving onto an electric toothbrush, but seeing Lia with it maybe she is old enough too. I love the tooth keeper, what a lovely idea for when they loose their teeth. X

  3. March 20, 2017 / 10:55 am

    I love the look of all these products and the packaging is awesome. Such a lovely natural look to it all. My kids are so fussy with toothpaste – will have to give this range a try x

  4. March 21, 2017 / 4:45 am

    Hi Nat, what a fun and green way to encourage children to look after their teeth. Compostable brush handles, musical brushes and a hippo tooth keepers are all brilliant ideas, and I love the double sided brush for little ones.


  5. March 22, 2017 / 11:19 pm

    They look great and love that they’re biodegradable as well. The cute tooth pouches are brilliant, I need one for my eldest, he just lost his first tooth! 🙂 x

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