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I’m a pretty terrible blogger. When you read a blog at this time of year, you expect to see at least a few guides to the must-have Christmas gifts. I’ve tried it in the past, but it’s just not really me. And I’m not sorry. Well, I’m not usually. But when the Poppy Shop got in touch and asked if I’d include them in my Christmas gift guide, I suddenly felt terrible that I didn’t have one. So, here are the gifts you need this Christmas. All profits go to charity and the items themselves are pretty awesome too.

The Christmas jumper

Let’s face it, most of us end up buying a Christmas jumper at some point. And if you’re going to purchase something that you can only wear on a couple of days over the festive period, the money might as well go to a good cause.

And besides that, it’s pretty fabulous as Christmas jumpers go. It’s unisex, so I bought it in my husband’s size and promptly stole it, as you do.

Female sat on a bench outside wearing a Christmas jumper with poppies on

Orla Kiely Swirl Poppy Juco Bag

Orla Kiely is a renowned fashion designer. She supported the Poppy Shop by designing this luxury juco bag. It’s double carrier-bag size, perfect for sales shopping. I just love the pattern on it, it’s bright, cheerful and vibrant and will make the ideal gift for any dedicated shopper.

Designer tote bag with poppies on
close up of poppy pattern on tote bag

Poppy Onesie

At this time of year, there’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa in a onesie. Once you’re wearing it, there’s pretty much no danger of anyone asking you to leave the house in a social capacity. Which suits me just fine.

This poppy onesie is available for both children and adults. Its clever, unisex colour scheme makes it a great gift for literally anyone. I made the mistake of ordering one for the girls – realistically I should have got one myself. It’s good quality, lovely and warm and it looks brilliant. The sizes come up quite large on these, I got an age 5-6 and it’s quite big on Libby but it means we’ll get a few years out of it, which is definitely a good thing. It’s made from cotton and polyester and has handy side pockets.

little girl in a blue onesie with red poppies on it

Poppy Slider Necklace Gold Tone

The poppy slider necklace is probably my favourite of all the items. Priced at just £19.99, it’s an affordable piece of jewellery that doesn’t compromise on quality. The chain is light gold in colour although I’m not sure what metal it is actually made from. The enamel poppy slides along the chain and at the bottom of each end is a red siam drop.

We have this earmarked for a relative we usually find it difficult to buy for. I’m not sure anybody could fail to love its delicate appearance or the strength of what it stands for.

gold necklace with red poppy slider in open white box beside Royal British Legion box lid wit poppy on

[AD] Contains gifted products

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  1. What great gifts and I agree with Sarah it is good that it doubles as giving back too. And what do you mean a couple of days in your festive jumper – I wear mine from the end of November when it gets cold lol.

    1. Yes, I love charity shopping too. The bag is gorgeous, we have it earmarked for someone we usually struggle to buy for, it’s great to have found something so perfect.