Katch Me clothing collections [AD]

I think people broadly fall into two categories when it comes to clothing. Those who keep up with fashion and buy clothes regularly, and those who don’t. I am an extreme example of the latter category. Buying clothes is an absolutely necessity. As a result, whereas most people buy loungewear and casual clothes, I tend to just wear clothes that I’ve ruined when I’m at home. Trousers that once were great but now I’ve painted in them. Tops that have seen better days. That’s why I really appreciate Katch Me allowing me to choose some new clothing from their casual collections.

Katch Me jeans

I chose some blue, high waist skinny jeans from the Katch Me jeans collection. I tend to live in jeans, except when I go open water swimming, when joggers are easier. Despite wearing them so often, I usually only have one pair. At the moment I only have black ones, so I chose blue denim. I really like the ankle grazers (short) style, they go with anything. Better still, they are high waisted which I love because they hide a multitude of sins. The fit of these jeans is just as I wanted it.

I went for a size larger than I usually would, which was the right decision. It may be due to lockdown eating and lack of exercise. However, my other jeans are a size smaller than these and both fit snugly. I would probably advise going for a larger size when ordering from Katch Me.

An oversized hoody

I tend to live in oversized hoodies unless it’s really hot. Like the high waisted jeans, they hide a multitude of sins. I quite like to put the hood up when it’s cold too. It keeps me warmer and makes me less approachable. That said, the baby pink colour I chose says ‘don’t speak to me’ without being too aggressive when I put up the hood. Exactly the look I was aiming for. My pink oversized hoodie was from the Hoodies and Sweatshirts collection.

Joggers and top

This was a nice opportunity for me to grab some clothes for wearing around the house. When I go for a run in the evening, I’m always keen to put my pyjamas on afterwards. Sadly, I can’t always get away with it. It’s great to have some comfortable clothes to put on after a run instead of pyjamas. If someone comes round, I will look more respectable but these are just as comfy as pjs. The joggers are very flared at the bottom and quite high waisted. The top is cropped, but easily reaches the high waist of the joggers if you don’t want to show any flesh. The joggers and top are from the loungewear collection.

For the first time ever, Libby took all the photos for this blog post for me. They’re not perfect and took a bit of editing, but I’m really proud that she managed to take them. My usual camera is broken at the moment and I could do with getting it fixed. With Libby getting so good at photography though, I’m tempted to upgrade to a better one. Perhaps we could learn together to use a DSLR. Although I’m sure she’d take to it a lot easier than me.

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  1. Hi Nat, your dress style sounds very similar to mine! Comfy and practical. The bottoms I wear to walk the dogs have seen better days (why wear good ones when the may catch on something?). The jeans look a nice fit and I love that hoody, it’s definitely something I would wear.


    1. Thank you, I love the jeans and hoody too. I agree about dog walking in old clothes, the same goes for running. I always wear old things for anything like that!

  2. Your clothing sounds very much like mine. I hadn’t thought of more easier clothing to put on and off for swimming – although I have been returning home in my swimming costume of late.

    They are very good pictures and you look lovely.

    1. Yes I’m always unsure whether to bother getting dressed after swimming or just go home as I am with a dryrobe or clothes over my costume! I’ve been doing it for 2 1/2 years now and still haven’t settled on what to wear after!