Man wearing designer shirt for father's day gift

Father’s day gifts that don’t cost the Earth

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Father’s day gifts are always difficult to buy. Dads seem to be a special breed of people who really don’t want or need much. Both my husband and my dad tend to buy things they want when they see them. So thinking of gift ideas can be tough. These days, we’re all becoming more aware of the detrimental impact that unwanted gifts can have on the environment. So, I’ve sought out gifts that are things that dads will need and use, or that are particularly positive environmentally.

Eversbrook designer shirts made in England

Knowing how and where clothing was made is becoming increasingly important to me. The poor conditions that some people work in to produce cheap clothing is not acceptable and it’s not a process I want to support. However, clothing is a classic item that dads will actually need and use. Eversbrook men’s luxury shirts are stylish and comfortable, whatever you wear them for. Designed by expert tailors and made in a London factory, these shirts contain fabric produced in England wherever possible. This process ensures garments have a lower than average carbon footprint and consumers can be sure that the people who make them have fair work conditions. 

Designer shirt for father's day gift
Man wearing designer shirt for father's day gift

Vegan chocolate through the letterbox

When your parents don’t live locally, it’s good to find an ethical father’s day gift to send in the post. The dark chocolate letterbox collection is a selection of three bars of vegan dark chocolate made by James Cadbury’s Love Cocoa, which donates 10% of profits to charity. The great, great Grandson of George Cadbury was inspired by his ancestor to create the best possible pure chocolate. The bars are available among a selection of father’s day gifts from Yumbles. Yumbles makes healthy, delicious and natural food more accessible. The dark chocolate letterbox collection contains one bar of intense, 70% cocoa Ecuadorian dark chocolate, one of English Mint dark chocolate and one of dark chocolate blended with Maldon Sea Salt. A free gift card is included, that you can personalise with your father’s day gift. 

chocolate as father's day gift

A father’s day gift to reduce waste

Like many of us, the creators of GlobalWAKEcup were touched by David Attenborough’s hard-hitting Blue Planet documentaries. GlobalWAKEcup was born to help combat the single-use plastic crisis. Their reusable products are made from sustainable materials and they donate 10% of profits to the Marine Conservation Society. They also get involved with beach cleans and promoted a challenge to completely avoid single-use plastic for a day. The WAKEcup travel mug has a double steel lining and a lid to keep drinks hot. Its outer and useful handle are is made from organic bamboo. The vegan WAKE wallet holds up to 12 cards as well as cash and receipts. The finish looks like recycled brown paper, but feels like strong, thick leather. GlobalWAKEcup sell a variety of stylish products that are ethical alternatives to products that would usually be thrown away. 

coffee cup and wallet father's day gift
reusable travel coffee cup as father's day gift
wallet father's day gift

The gift of family time

One of the best investments we make each year is our National Trust Membership. Last year, we had English Heritage membership too. For us, there’s something comforting about knowing we can have family days out that cost us nothing. Even when finances are stretched to the max, we can grab a picnic and enjoy some time together. Better still, both National Trust and English Heritage restore and look after buildings and locations that are an important part of our national heritage. So, you’re supporting a worthy cause with your father’s day gift, as well as providing a year’s worth of family fun.

Tree on the Croome Estate with river in foreground reflecting the sunset and the tree
pond and fountain with Witley Court in background and blue sky

Sustainably produced sportswear for the active dad

Sundried Eco Charge sportswear is sustainably produced from material that would otherwise be thrown away. The whole collection is made from coffee grounds that have been reclaimed and recycled. Not only is it entirely ethical, it also has some incredible properties that are ideal for sportswear. The coffee material is naturally deodorising, sweat-wicking and fast drying. Additionally, Sundried care about their staff’s wellbeing. They have exchanged sedentary lunch breaks for active ones, and encourage staff to exercise for ten minutes of every hour they’re at work. Washing instructions encourage consumers to wash products at a cool temperature and dry them in the sun. This further minimises the negative environmental impact of their garments. The Sundried Olperer Men’s T-Shirt is an ideal gift for any active dad with a social conscience.

sundried tshirt as father's day gift
sundried tshirt label

A father’s day gift for a dad who likes to cook

Whitby & Co is a British company based in Kendal, Cumbria. With outdoor enthusiasts flocking to its Lake District location, Whitby & Co is ideally placed to supply those visitors with some of the best outdoor accessories available in the UK. From camping to DIY and agriculture, Whitby & Co supply high quality goods for adventure enthusiasts. They stock a range of Opinel products. Opinel, first founded in 1890, still abides by its original ethics of producing products that are simple, reliable, value for money and made to last. The Opinel Parallelle Trio knife set consists of a paring knife, chef’s knife and santoku knife. An ideal father’s day gift for a dad who is a dab hand in the kitchen. 

knife set as father's day gift
open knife set father's day gift
Father's day | With father's day around the corner in the UK, many of us are looking for gifts for men that are a little unusual. Concerns about the planet lead us to look for alternative gift ideas including eco friendly gifts, long lasting presents and experiences instead of material things. #fathersday #forhim #giftsformen #ethicalgifts #giftsfordad

[AD] Contains gifted products

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  1. Some great ideas here. I really like the idea of the wallet, and the sportswear of course! My husband very inconsiderately has his birthday just before Father’s Day to make things more challenging.

    1. Thank you, the wallet and sportswear are both great! My dad has his birthday a few days after father’s day so we’re in a similar position. It’s a big birthday for dad this year as well, no idea what I’ll get him!