Our Thursday Photo #46

Over the past few weeks, I have been writing a few blog posts that are rather more controversial than my usual drivel about our mundane lives. 

It has been fabulous to get some positive reactions to my these posts, and even better to notice that more people are reading my blog and taking the time to comment. 

And yet, it is a relief to reach Thursday and revert to my usual nonsense about our week. I love the way that our Thursday photos are shaping up into a record of the girls growing up and I can’t wait to print them off at the end of the year. 

I definitely intend to continue with them after Lia’s first 52 weeks. 

This week, as always, the girls are growing and changing. Lia is much more interactive now, and much of this is directed towards Libby. 

At playgroup today, having flattened a child three years her senior who had made the catastrophic error of pushing her, Lia nonchalantly made her way over to Libby to give her a cuddle. 

Their personalities are already absolutely poles apart. Libby is the most gentle child I know, with the obvious exception of this incident.  Lia on the other hand, isn’t. 

I think that Libby takes after me in looks and my husband in personality, whereas Lia is the other way around. She looks nothing like me, but definitely has my temper. 

This week was the last in the term of Lia’s Sing and Sign classes. She has really enjoyed them, but we’re not doing another term. 

I only did one term with Libby and whilst it was helpful, she was talking a lot more than signing by the end of the term. 

Lia seems to be going the same way. She hasn’t got as many words as Libby had at this age, but she is certainly saying more than signing, which leads me to the conclusion that sing and sign has run its course for her. 

This weeks Thursday Photo #46 is the best of a bad bunch. Libby has just been photographed too many times now and has learnt not to smile under any circumstances if the camera is out. 

Jamer has also learnt something about the camera, seemingly realising exactly when she needs to get out of the way so we can take a nice photo. 

At that precise moment, she has an uncanny knack of diving in to chase an invisible object. On this occasion, her object was in fact real. 

Libby was given a pretend palm branch at playgroup for palm Sunday. The more the girls waved it, the more excited Jamer got. It’s now approaching midnight and Jamer is still trying to chase it. 

The palm is now in here and the door is closed. She is sitting outside the room waiting for it. I suspect that by the morning, the palm will be no more. 

2015-03-26 16.25.06


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