Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

I was asked to try out the brand new “hellohealthy” initiative on the Shopmium app. I’ve used the app to buy some healthy food and drinks from my local supermarket based on their recommendations. Then all I had to do was scan the product and the receipt to get quite a lot of money back – some of the products were totally free.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

About Shopmium

Shopmium is an app available on the App Store and Google. When you download the app, you can immediately open up a list of things currently on offer. You click on each product to see what the offer is. For some products, you get a percentage of your money back when you purchase the item. For other products you get all your money back.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

As well as showing you the offer, the Shopmium app tells you where you can get the product from locally. You have to allow the app to see where you are for this to work. If you don’t want to shop at the nearest retailer that comes up, you can click through to see some more. It even shows you a map with them on. Some items are only available at certain retailers.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

Next, you simply go into the store of your choice and purchase the products you’ve chosen. It’s fine to just grab them along with your regular shopping. If you’re unsure as to whether a product is the right one, you can take out your phone and scan the barcode to check that the product is eligible for the offer.

To claim the money back, you can just scan the barcode on the back of the item and then take a photo of your receipt. The first couple of products I used it on, I thought you had to take a separate photo of the receipt for each item. However that’s not the case, you simply choose to use the same receipt again.

After that you’ll receive an email to confirm that your payment is being processed. You can choose to receive your money back via PayPal or directly into your bank account.

About Hellohealthy

Hellohealthy launched their Shopmium campaign on 10th January 2017, safe in the knowledge that by then, we’d all be slacking on our New Year’s resolutions. The idea is that they have put together a range of products that will inspire you to make healthier choices throughout 2017. You can read more about the campaign on their website.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

The products on the hellohealthy campaign change regularly, so as time goes on you can try a variety of healthy products. This is a great way to develop new habits in order to make permanent changes. As I’ve been doing a sugar detox this year, it was perfect for me.

My experience

I downloaded the app on both the iPad and my Android phone. I had intended to just use the iPad but then I realised it was much easier to just keep my phone with me in the shop. Having browsed the products, I decided to head to my local Waitrose to pick up my favourites.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

I found it quite time consuming finding the products I needed in store. I think in future I’d wait and just make my purchases when I was shopping anyway. This would save me hunting around trying to find things as I’d find them naturally as I browsed.

Nonetheless, I managed to find virtually all the products I was looking for and purchased them. When I got home, I scanned each barcode and took a photo of the receipt. Then I filled in my payment details for PayPal and sat back and waited for the money to roll in.

Setting up the app was really easy. I was a bit worried because I signed up to the app with one email address and then realised my PayPal was in a different email address. But that wasn’t a problem as the PayPal details were requested separately.

The products

I really liked the selection of products in the HelloHealthy range. The bounce energy balls are something I’ve tried before but they’re perfect for me at the moment as I’m avoiding sugar. They’re great for snacks, but I find them particularly good for energy when you’re exercising. I’ve used them during triathlons in the past.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

The smoothies recommended were Savse ones which contain vegetables as well as fruit. They taste amazing and would be a great way to get vegetables into children who aren’t keen on them.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

There was even an option of choosing some beer – Beck’s Blue alcohol-free beer. Again this is something I’ve tried in the past, as I had a weird craving for beer when I was pregnant. As somebody who doesn’t generally drink beer this was a bit odd, and Beck’s Blue was my saviour. It would be the perfect choice for anyone trying to cut down on alcohol.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

Oppo ice cream is a bit of a revelation. I mean who wouldn’t want healthy ice cream? It has just 40 calories a scoop. We tried the salted caramel one and I will definitely be buying it again, it’s divine.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

The Tetley super fruits tea bags are designed to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. I’m not usually a huge fan of fruit tea but these taste great and make a nice change from coffee.

Hellohealthy on Shopmium review and competition news

The verdict

Using hellohealthy on Shopmium is a really simple way to save a bit of money and make healthy choices. Now that I’ve downloaded the app, I’ll definitely use it again next time I’m doing my weekly shop.

The only thing that annoyed me slightly about the products was that one thing that was on offer was Itsu Miso Soup. Itsu make two sorts of Miso – an original one and a vegetarian version. As only the original one was on offer, I wasn’t able to buy it which was a bit disappointing. With most products there were a range of flavours on offer though so it was a problem that was very specific to one product.

The competition

To encourage us all to keep up with our healthy choices this month, hellohealthy are offering a prize draw. Everyone who purchases 4 or more products from the hellohealthy range and gets their cash-back between 1st January and 19th February 2017 will be entered into a prize draw. Ten winners will get a six month subscription to SimplyCook. This means that each month they will receive a letterbox sized box with a recipe card and kit to cook four meals.

For more information on the competition, visit the hellohealthy website.

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