Our Thursday photo 140

Thursday Photo #140

The past week has been about getting back into a routine. Libby is tired from the new school term and they’ve both started back at some after school clubs as well.

The Swimming Lessons

On Saturday we spent the day on a staycation challenge. It was lovely to have a day out all together without venturing far from home. We had lunch and went to see the pantomime at our local theatre. We go every year and it’s great to watch something that we all enjoy – there really is something to keep everyone amused at a pantomime.

Sunday was all about swimming. We arrived for a family swim and Libby went to get changed with my husband. By the time Lia and I got onto poolside, they were already in the pool. Libby in her wisdom decided it would be hilarious to go under the water and pretend to Lia that she couldn’t swim. This frightened the living daylights out of Lia, who then didn’t want to get in the water and spent most of the swimming session crying.

After that it was time for Libby’s swimming lesson. She’s been having lessons for the past few months and has moved up quite quickly through the levels to level three. But when we tried to book her lessons in for this term, that group was full. Libby had a private lesson to see if she was ready to move up into level four. Which she wasn’t.

Level three is about getting to grips with the different strokes and learning to breathe bilaterally on front crawl. Libby has always had great water confidence and she has a great front crawl stroke and can swim a whole length. But she doesn’t understand how to turn her head to one side to breath and she hasn’t really done the other strokes.

So we’ve decided that she’ll have private lessons for a term. This was preferable to moving her somewhere else for lessons or having a term off. I’m also hoping that with some one-to-one tuition, she’ll manage to pick up bilateral breathing and master the other strokes. She certainly has the necessary determination to learn.

The other clubs

Libby has now started Art club at school, which will do her the world of good. Drawing isn’t her strong point and it wasn’t mine either. But luckily she’s a bit more determined than I ever was, so she’s happy to keep practising and I’m hoping that art club will help.

Lia has started having ballet lessons now, and the first one of the term was yesterday. Apparently it all went well and she loved it. She came home showing us everything that she’d done. Then today, she joined in with Libby’s rhythmic gym class for the first time. She is the youngest in there by a long way but she wanted to go.

Unfortunately within a few minutes, I could hear her crying. I went into the classroom and she came and sat with me for a while before going back to join in again. I’m not sure whether she’ll go back to rhythmic gym next week but I’m glad we she had the opportunity to give it a go. She’s spent a long time waiting for Libby in classes and clubs so I’m glad she knows she’s able to go along too if she wants to.

Our Thursday photo #140

Sometimes, I manage to take fabulous photos of the girls. Looking at the camera, smiling nicely and generally cooperating. This is not one of those times.

Our Thursday photo 140

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