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Plant based big taste from Ape Snacks [AD]

[AD] Advertorial post in collaboration with Ape Snacks

Across the UK, vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets are on the rise. For some, there is an ethical issue with consuming meat. Not knowing where it comes from or how the animals were treated. Others cut back on meat and dairy for health reasons. Then, there’s climate change. We are repeatedly told that meat is terrible for the environment and decreasing the amount we eat could have a huge impact on global warming. Whatever the reasoning, many people are looking for quick, tasty plant based snacks. That’s where Ape come in. I’ve teamed up with Ape and Mumsnet to tell you a bit more about them.

Lia on the Malvern hills with Ape Lightly Salted Puffs

Ape Puffs

We’ve been trying out the plant based puffs from Ape. It’s always a struggle to find snacks for the girls to have after school that are both tasty and natural. Particularly since we’ve been increasingly moving towards a plant based diet. Ape Puffs tick both of those important boxes. They’re also an easy thing to grab as I’m running out of the door to collect the girls. Better still, Ape snacks are all carbon neutral and they donate 1% of their sales revenue to good causes.

Libby on the Malvern Hills with Ape Really Cheesy Puffs and a plant based, big taste, no monkey business sign

Before the girls went to school, I thought I’d have loads of time during the school day to get things done. Unfortunately, I’d underestimated my own weakness for taking on too much. I’ve ended up with two full on freelance jobs, the task of redecorating the house room by room and the small matter of marathon training. I have to set an alarm on my phone each day to remind me to pick the girls up because when I get into something, I get quite absorbed in it. So when the alarm goes off, I’ve just got time to grab a snack and run out of the door.

Ape puff snacks offer the same convenience as crisps. Unlike crisps though, they’re light, natural, low calorie and full of flavour. We tried out the Really Cheesy, Sweet Chilli and Lightly Salted flavours. They were all delicious. Libby loves the cheesy ones. It turns out she has good taste, because these were recently awarded the Mumsnet Rated badge. Lia loves the salted. Which suits me down to the ground, because the sweet chilli ones are my favourites.

Bag of Ape Sweet Chilli Puffs on a heart shaped plate

Getting outside

The girls do so many activities out of school that it’s not often we get an afternoon to ourselves. When we do, I like to take them up onto the Malvern Hills for a walk. They love to play and climb in the fresh air, but it always makes them hungry. When we had an afternoon free recently, we embraced the cloud and fog and headed up to the top of the Herefordshire Beacon. The girls quickly worked up an appetite so we took the Ape puffs with us.

Lia climbing the British Camp on the Malvern Hills
Lia eating Ape lightly Salted Puffs on the Malvern Hills

Ape sent us some photo props to play with and Libby’s monkey impressions caused a lot of hilarity. It’s funny how the fresh air makes little things seem so much more fun.

Lia laughing at Libby’s monkey impression holding Ape’s props on the Malvern hills

You can find out more about Ape on their website. Their products come highly recommended by Mumsnet users too, out of 135 testers, 83% would recommend the Ape Puffs range. Ape also make some delicious looking coconut treats that we can’t wait to try. Ape products are stocked in a variety of places including Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Ocado online.

[AD] Advertorial post in collaboration with Ape Snacks


  1. April 2, 2020 / 9:50 pm

    It is a good time to go vegetarian or vegan at the moment too. I hope things have calmed down for you now. I shall keep an eye out for these snacks.

    • April 3, 2020 / 12:33 pm

      Yes it is definitely a good time. It seems like the planet is being given a break from pollution at the moment as well so hopefully there will be some environmental positives to come out of this whole mess.

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