Christmas gift guide for primary school children ballet box

Christmas gift guide for primary school children


Is there a ‘right’ thing to buy primary school age children for Christmas? Do you limit how much you spend or buy as much as you can afford? I’m not one for vast numbers of presents piled under the Christmas tree. I tell my girls they can only ask Santa for one thing. As long as it’s reasonable that’s what they get, along with a few stocking fillers.

A couple of years ago, the four gift rule started to make its way around social media. The four gifts are something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. Whilst it’s not something I’ll stick to religiously, I think it’s a lovely idea. So this year, I’ll be following the four gift rule plus a few stocking fillers each. Here are some lovely gifts ideas for primary school aged children this Christmas.

Something you want

For us, the ‘something you want’ will be the present they ask Santa for. I know all these items are on many Christmas lists this year.

AO Children’s Scooter: My eldest daughter is notoriously indecisive. This Christmas though, she has been asking for one present all year. A scooter. The website has a selection of AO Scooters. I chose a beginner’s black scooter for Libby, but they also have more advanced ones for people who are looking to do tricks and upgrade from a basic scooter.

Cozmo the robot from Anki: Not so long ago, if you asked for a real robot for Christmas, even Santa wouldn’t be able to deliver. Anki’s Cozmo has changed all that. He learns to recognise people’s faces and address them by name. You control him using an app on a mobile phone or tablet and he plays games, sings songs and develops new skills the more you play with him. Children interested in coding can even learn to programme Cozmo using his special coding lab. Here’s a video to show you what we thought of him.

Belle’s Enchanted Kitchen: Anyone who has seen Disney’s Beauty and the Beast adores the lively kitchen characters Chip and Mrs Potts. Now, children can join in and bake with their favourite characters in Belle’s Enchanted Kitchen. Put the teapot on the stove to hear cooking noises and see the hob light up. Better still, if you place a cake in the oven it will rise while you watch.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children Belle's enchanted kitchen

Incredibles 2 Hydroliner Playset: Fans of the Incredibles 2 film will love the opportunity to play with the Hydroliner from the film. The Junior Supers Hydroliner Playset features an ice slide that folds out, a rotating chamber, a launching projectile and even a grabbing arm to get the baddies. Roll it along on wheels and help Elastigirl spring into action with her separate watercraft. The Elastigirl figure, water craft and a missile to launch are all included.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children Incredibles 2 Hydroliner

Baby Annabell’s Brother Doll: Children who adore helping to look after babies or have a younger sibling on the way will love Baby Annabell’s Brother Doll. Its realistic baby sound effects and cute movements mean it acts and looks like a real baby. Baby Annabell’s brother can use a potty and wet his nappy . He sucks a dummy or bottle, makes baby noises and cries real tears. When you rock him, he yawns and falls asleep.

Something you need

I think ‘need’ is a strong word when you’re still at primary school. Because parents do make sure little ones have everything they need. So for this one, I’ve gone for one practical gift and something a bit unusual. They might not need it now, but one day they’ll be glad of it.

My Ballet Box: Little ballerinas like mine will love My Ballet Box, featuring practical dance accessories. Each one is handpicked to ensure dancers have a regular supply of must-have ballet items. Boxes can be customised to the recipient’s size and taste. Choose between a monthly or quarterly subscription, or purchase a one-off box like this one.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children ballet box

Firefly driving lesson for children aged 5 to 10 with Young Driver: Children can hop into the driving seat of a two-seater Firefly electric car for their first driving lesson from just 5 years old. The lesson takes place on a specially designed course that has steering challenges, junctions and roundabouts. At the end of the lesson, they get their own driving licence and are ready to move onto lesson 2. It has been shown that early driving tuition lowers the accident rate for newly qualified drivers by half. So whilst it may seem a little silly giving a young child a driving lesson, you may also be gifting them a passion for something that will keep them safe when they turn 17. Here’s a video of Libby’s first driving lesson and you can also read my review. Gift vouchers are available.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children Young Driver gift voucher

Something to wear

My girls seem to be constantly growing out of clothes. A couple of relatives buy them lovely outfits for birthdays and Christmas, and I always appreciate it. Here are a couple of lovely gifts you could buy for primary school age children to wear.

Mini secret skirt from Secret Projects: These adorable wrap skirts are reversible with denim on one side and a floral design on the other. The denim side has a pocket and each skirt comes in a zipper pouch with waterproof lining that can be used as a wash-bag. The skirts are aimed at children age 3 to 6 years old. They are manufactured by Secret Projects, who empower women in India to become financially independent by making the skirts and other items. They grow with the child so you’ll get several years of use out of them and they’re very practical, you can even play Quidditch in them!

Christmas gift guide for primary school children secret skirts
Watercress Line girls on broomsticks

Lazy Pupz Slippers: The popular Lazy Dogz range of slippers have had puppies! These sweet children’s slippers are miniature versions of the adult range with elasticated backs for a comfortable fit. The design features a grey dachshund on a sparkly pink background. The dog even has a cute diamanté collar. Their memory footbed keeps feet cozy and the outer sole makes them long-lasting. They make an ideal gift as every pair comes in a pretty gift box.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children slippers

Organic Cotton Delights: For environmentally conscious parents and kids who appreciate sustainability, consider gifting them stylish kids’ clothes made of organic cotton. These eco-friendly garments offer comfort and durability and promote a greener planet. With adorable designs and soft, breathable fabrics, these outfits are perfect for primary school-age children who love to play and explore. Knowing they’re wearing clothing that’s better for the environment adds an extra layer of joy to every adventure.

Something to read

This is an easy one for us. Every night, we read the girls a bedtime story. This year, they’ve gone through the box set of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair, one and a half Harry Potter books and now they’re onto Black Beauty. We also encourage them to read themselves, by making sure they have access to books at their reading level. And Libby has recently started asking for books of facts, so they’re on our list too.

The Magic of my Name personalised books: Choose a character for your child and let them read about the empowering meaning behind the letters of their name. Each story is different depending on the letters in your name, so siblings will have different books. The Magic of my  Name concept is based on empowerment philosophy to boost self-esteem. Each book takes the reader on a journey through a magical land, meeting different friends along the way as they learn why their name is so special.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children magic of my name books

Tales of Ramion: Author Frank Hinks is also a barrister and Chancery QC to the Queen. He created the Tales of Ramion based on bedtime stories he told his own children. Three boys travel through a mystical land called Ramion with their cat, Snuggle. They embark on exciting adventures to escape their enemies. The author’s characteristic humour and stunning, hand-painted illustrations make these the ideal fantasy books for young readers.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children Tales of Ramion books

Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid: Children who are interested in travel or geography will love the Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide. It’s full of fun facts and incredible illustrations based on off-the-beaten track destinations around the world. One hundred strange but true places across 47 countries are featured, from mysterious meteor crash sites to crystal caves. The book includes tips for explorers, recommendations on how to plan your travel route and a colourful world map.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children Atlas Obscura Explorer's Guide

Stocking Fillers

Alongside the larger gifts, it’s lovely for children to have something small they can play with on Christmas day. The stocking fillers on our list have a strong unicorn theme.

Unicorn charm jewellery set from Prezzybox: As the unicorn trend continues, this unicorn inspired jewellery set featuring 10 metal charms and hundreds of beads will be on many Christmas lists. Thread together charms and colourful beads to create more than 10 pieces of unicorn-inspired jewellery. Detailed instructions show you how to make both bracelets and necklaces.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children unicorn charm jewellery set

Make your own dough unicorn from Prezzybox: Create your own unicorn out of super dough using this simple set from prezzybox. It contains five different colours of dough, a moulding tool and some glitter to sprinkle on at the end to make your unicorn sparkle.

Christmas gift guide for primary school children build your own unicorn super dough
Christmas gifts for primary school aged children | If you follow the four gift rule when buying Christmas presents for children, there are some great gift ideas listed in this Christmas gift guide. Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. #christmasgifts #christmaspresents #giftideas #giftguide #christmasgiftguide

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  1. Wow what a fab gift guide. I will definitely be adding some of these to our Christmas list. I absolutely love the look of the ballet box subscription. My daughter would love this as she has recently started dance xx