Staying hydrated and healthy with Rocks drinks

With the heatwave in full swing, do you worry about your children drinking enough? According to Rocks Drinks, 64% of us buy squash to make sure children drink enough. Nearly half of us check the ingredients to avoid artificial sweeteners. That’s why Rocks Drinks make premium squashes for families who want naturally sourced ingredients. These delicious, thirst-quenching drinks are bursting with flavour. We’ve been trying out the orange and blackcurrant varieties.

Why are Rocks Drinks the healthier alternative?

Anyone with children will know that you can’t compromise on taste if you want children to drink. If a child won’t drink water, it’s unlikely they’ll take to a drink that doesn’t cut it on flavour. So, Rocks Drinks are made using a simple recipe of fruit, sugar and fresh Devonshire spring water to provide natural energy. Perhaps though, the appeal of Rocks Drinks is what they don’t contain, rather than what they do. With no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours, all the taste comes from fruit and organic cane sugar.

Rocks Squash comes in glass bottles and it’s ideal for filling reusable drinks bottles for a picnic or day out. One bottle makes 6.6 litres of juice when diluted one part concentrate to eight parts water. I’m always reluctant to buy children’s drinks in plastic bottles or cartons. The waste seems unnecessary. As a result though, the girls often end up just drinking water. That makes me feel guilty too when I know they’d love something more tasty.

So, we’ve got into the habit of making up a bottle of Rocks squash to take with us on days out. For picnics, I pack their favourite cups, along with a bottle of squash I’ve prepared. They love drinking from the reusable straws, it’s just as exciting for them as buying a bottle of drink. It’s an ideal solution to the mum-guilt I usually feel.

Drinks for children and adults

Whilst I have to admit that the drinks were sent over for the children, I couldn’t resist trying them myself. Hot weather always brings with it invitations to barbecues and parties. Inevitably, someone has to drive. There’s usually lemonade on offer as an alternative to alcohol, or sometimes a sugary cordial. We try to take along something the girls and the driver can drink but often resort to a plastic bottle of something.

A bottle of Rocks squash is a great alternative. Mixed with either tap water or sparkling water, it makes a refreshing non-alcoholic option. Served in a large wine glass, it looks quite appealing too. I don’t often drink squash or fizzy drinks because I’m happy to drink water but with a barbecue, it’s good to have something different. This will definitely be our non-alcoholic option in future, for our own parties or ones we attend. It would make a nice mocktail too. You’ll even find recipe suggestions on the Rocks Drinks website, where there’s also more information about the Rocks Drinks range.

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