Thursday photo #272

It seems ridiculous that under a week ago, the children were still at school. Since then, we’ve crammed so much in that I’m exhausted already. I’m managing to keep my head above water with work, but only just. It’s a great reminder though of how privileged I am to work from home. The girls have had one day at holiday club and have another day and a half lined up. But other than that, we’re enjoying the time off together.

girl on sister's back at Nozstock

An education

This week has been a bit of an education for the girls. It’s amazing how much they learn from being away from school. They’ve had two firsts over the past few days. Their first time camping at a music festival and their first river swim.

We went to Nozstock last year, but only for the day because we didn’t have anyone to look after the dog. So camping overnight was a bit of an eye opener for the girls. They loved the freedom of being able to stay up quite late dancing. Luckily, they weren’t disturbed by the music at all and slept well in the van. That was our first festival for this year, and we’ll be going to another one next month. I think they’re getting quite a taste for it.

girls dancing at Nozstock

An introduction to wild swimming

Swimming in the river is something I’ve been looking forward to introducing the girls to. Whilst they’re both strong swimmers, I’ve been worried about them getting cold. In this weather though, there wasn’t much danger of that. So, we bundled them up in wetsuits and put a float jacket on each of them just in case they panicked when they got in the cold water.

We went somewhere that I know to be safe with a very gentle current. Meeting some friends with slightly older children gave my two the confidence to get on with it. I blew up our SUP and Lia sat on that to start with, while Libby opted to swim. Both of them spent some time on the SUP and did some swimming. They got a bit chilly but soon warmed up and it was a brilliant way to spend the morning.

Thursday photo #272

It’s always tough balancing school holidays with work. I worry about it before the holidays start, especially when they’re as long as the summer. But we soon settle into a routine. As they get older, it becomes a lot easier too. This year, I’m really enjoying their company. The hard work during early mornings and evenings is worth it for the lovely days we’re spending together.

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  1. Love that last photo of your girls – they looked like they enjoyed their wild swim and it does sound like a wonderful way to spend a morning. Good luck with balancing work with the school holidays and hope you all have a lovely summer x

  2. How awesome that they’ve been swimming in the river! They certainly look happy with themselves. I struggle to balance work and school holidays – even with teenagers! The good thing is that they get up late, but once they’re up it’s constant interruptions for lifts etc. They often forget the minor detail that I’m actually supposed to be earning money for the family, rather than driving them to the next town!

    1. Oh gosh, it’s never ending isn’t it? I am quite determined that if we move from here, we’ll move to somewhere that has a train station just as near as we do now. We have really good public transport links and I like the idea of the girls being able to take the train to places rather than bothering me when they’re old enough!

  3. I love that you’re getting them into wild swimming too, you still need to move to Cornwall to come bully me into trying new things and actually exercising ha! You’ve already made me want a campervan, though we’ve decided to wait until it’s just us at home to consider getting one and then enjoy hols just the two of us ha!

    Stevie x

    1. Ahh I’d really love to move to Cornwall sometimes Stevie, it’s such a beautiful place. And I don’t blame you on the camper van, I’m quite looking forward to those child free camper van holidays in the dim and distant future too!

  4. Oh I can’t believe they hadn’t been wild swimming with you before. I bet they loved it didn’t they. My husband has talked about our boys having wet suits but I said they seem fine – I guess that it will get a lot colder.

    1. Yes they really loved it! I guess it’s worth getting the boys wetsuits if they want them but you may find they don’t want to swim when it gets a lot colder so I’d just play it by ear.