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Dogs are funny creatures aren’t they? Bubbles is a fussy eater. That is to say that she’s fussy about dog food. She’s notably less fussy about titbits, scraps, rubbish she finds on the floor and poo from any animal. That all seems to go down a treat. Yet dog biscuits without a bit of added flavour? Not a chance. So when Pure Pet Food asked if we wanted to try out their healthy, human quality dehydrated dog food, we were up for the challenge.

Bubbles the dog, a brown staffy cross sitting on large log.
A brown staffie cross sitting on a large log with her tongue out

About Pure Dog Food

Pure was founded by Matt and Dan, who couldn’t believe that people felt they had to feed their pets food they wouldn’t eat themselves. They believed that dogs and cats should be able to eat a high quality, varied diet just like us. After the initial development stages, the idea soon caught on and Pure now have a loyal customer base. In fact, they have so much belief in their business that they turned down an offer on Dragon’s Den!

These days, Pure produce freeze dried recipes that allow meat to be dehydrated and preserved without exposure to high temperature or pressure. Using this method, there’s no need for preservatives either. Pure have won various awards and accolades along the way and they’re approved by PETA and certified by both animal and human food authorities.

Three boxes of Pure dog food
Three boxes of Pure Pet Food stacked up

How to use Pure Pet Food

We’ve always fed our dogs on a mixture of dry and tinned food. We do use supplements occasionally, such as fish oil for their joints as they get older and it’s worth finding the best probiotic chews for your dog if they suffer with digestive issues.

When it comes to how to feed, Pure Pet Food is completely different from our usual mix of dry food, tinned food and supplements. Because it’s freeze dried, it comes as a powder with some small pieces of vegetables in it. Instructions are on the side of the pack to tell you how much to feed your dog, depending on its weight.

Bubbles hasn’t been weighed at the vets recently, so I entered into a battle between me, the dog and the bathroom scales. In the end, I managed to weigh her and work out how much food she needed.

Nutritional information on the back of an orange box of Pure Dog Food
Nutritional information on the back of a box of Pure Pet Food

Once you know the dog’s weight, you add the correct number of scoops of food to a bowl. Then, use the scoop to measure out the required amount of water. Next, you just leave it for a few minutes to rehydrate before it’s ready to eat. One small, 500g box of dog food makes 2kg of fresh food when water is added. It’s a really lightweight, practical way to feed the dog. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be ideal for when we’re camping and lugging around dried dog food is impractical.

An empty dog bowl with a scoop of Pure Pet Food about to be poured into it and a Pure Dog Food box next to it.
Placing a scoop of Pure dog food into a bowl

The verdict

As advised, we started slowly with Pure food. Bubbles had just one scoop added to her biscuits. We increased that gradually, until she was eating Pure food alone. She tried out the chicken dinner and Duck Delight varieties. Before I go on, I need to tell you that Bubbles is definitely a fan of her new food. So, posing for this photo before eating her dinner took all her willpower. She is a very good girl.

Brown staffy cross sitting on a bench next to a bowl of Pure Pet Food and a box of the same.
Bubbles with her Pure Pet Food

In complete contrast to the slightly sulky way she usually eats her biscuits, Bubbles wolfs down her new food. That said, she does have some feedback for Matt and Dan. Each time she eats her dinner, she always leaves the small, white pieces of vegetable. I think these are parsnips. It appears she’s not keen on parsnips.

Will we carry on using Pure Pet Food?

When we first started this trial, I didn’t think this was going to be for us. We have always fed the dogs on good quality dog biscuits with a bit of tinned food mixed in and they’ve been healthy and happy. Now I’ve tried it though, I have a slightly different opinion. I think we’ll probably end up feeding this alongside biscuits instead of using the tins. It’s clearly healthier and a lot more practical. I also like the fact it is PETA approved.

Dehydrated Pure Pet Food in a white metal bowl next to a box of Pure Dog Food.
Pure Pet Food in dehydrated form

For camping trips, we’ll probably just use Pure. It’s so much more practical than lugging dog biscuits around that it’s a no-brainer really. As for whether we move entirely to Pure, the jury is still out. What I can say though, is that I recommend giving Pure a try if you are looking for good quality food for your pet. For more information, head to the Pure Pet Food website.

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