Adult female pictured in a field with tree and hedge behind wearing a Cotton Traders khaki green maxi dress with fern pattern

Suitcase Ready Style From Cotton Traders [AD]

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Whether you’re going for a UK break or braving airport chaos to go abroad this Summer, you’ll probably be in a dilemma about what to pack. It needs to be practical. Something that doesn’t crease easily and looks good after sitting in a suitcase. Weather appropriate, catering for all eventualities. If this sounds like your packing list, I am about to introduce you to an absolute game-changer range from Cotton Traders.

Cotton Traders Wrinkle Free Collection

When I was a teenager buying a sleeping bag for my Duke of Edinburgh Award, the man in the shop told me that a sleeping bag packs better into its bag if you shove it in, rather than folding it. Now, I am aware that he was referring specifically to sleeping bags. But in my world, that became the way everything should be packed. Thirty years on and nothing has changed. Grab a rucksack and wedge everything in. Surely it doesn’t take up less space when it’s folded than when it’s shoved? So, when Cotton Traders asked if I wanted to try their wrinkle free collection, they came to the right place. I was ready to put it through its paces.

Wrinkle Free Trousers

The collection itself is pleasantly varied, with a range of trousers, shorts, tops and shirts. I have got quite into wearing trousers that aren’t jeans. Not that I don’t love a pair of jeans, but I lived in them for so long that it’s quite nice to go for something different. So, these wrinkle free pull-on trousers really appealed to me. They’re comfy and look great, even after being subjected to my rucksack. The colour holds really well when they go through the wash, and I feel the need to apologise for anyone who sees me regularly because they have become my go-to trousers, so I’ll probably be wearing them most of the time from now on. As you can see, the trousers look a little creased in the photo but these are natural creases from the way they sit when being worn.

Adult female wearing bright blue Cotton traders wrinkle free trousers and stripey top standing in a garden looking away from the camera at a buddleia bush
Wrinkle free trousers

Wrinkle free tops

To go with the trousers, I chose a lovely ¾ Sleeve Eyelet Stripe Jersey Top. This is a lovely thick, stretchy fabric and I can understand why it doesn’t crease at all. I really like the pattern too and I’m actually tempted to buy a few more the same. However, the fact that this doesn’t crease is nothing on the absolute witchcraft that is a wrinkle-free shirt. I rarely wear shirts because I can not be bothered to iron them. There are too many other things I would rather do with my time. So, a wrinkle-free shirt is a complete game changer. These are available in a variety of patterns and sit really nicely even after a being packed into a rucksack.

Adult female torso wearing blue white and red stripey tshirt face not in the photo
Wrinkle free t-shirt
Adult female pictured from the neck down wearing shirt and bright blue trousers standing beside a green bush
Wrinkle free shirt

Cotton Traders Poppy Maxi Shirt Dress

I don’t often wear dresses for casual occasions. I’m not sure why really, it’s just not something I feel particularly comfortable in. But when I was deciding what to order from the Cotton Traders website, I kept coming back to this maxi shirt dress. It’s really quite casual for a dress. Light and easy to wear for any occasion. I’ve actually worn it quite a lot already, which has surprised me. What hasn’t surprised me is the compliments I’ve had about it. It’s really lovely to own a dress I feel completely comfortable in. Loose but shaped, the fabric hangs beautifully and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it regularly for years to come.

Adult female pictured in a field with tree and hedge behind wearing a Cotton Traders khaki green maxi dress with fern pattern
Maxi dress

Cotton Traders Sizing

I find buying the right size really difficult these days. A 12 in one brand might be the same size a different manufacturer’s 10 or 14. When I ordered these clothes from Cotten Traders, I went for a 12. Afterwards though, I wondered if I’d been a bit optimistic. Luckily for me, the sizing is a little on the large side from Cotton Traders and everything fits perfectly. I wouldn’t necessarily advise buying a size smaller than usual but if you’re between sizes, I would err on the side of the smaller one when shopping with Cotton Traders.

[AD] Contains gifted products

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