Halocline chlorine resistant swimwear from simply swim two girls on trampoline

A new era for chlorine resistant swimwear

Chlorine resistant swimwear is a topic close to my heart. When I look back at my childhood, most of my memories involve swimming. That was my sport. Training sessions took place once or twice a day everyday. Before school, after school and at the weekends. Hours and hours of swimming up and down the pool. Racing, representing the club or the county. Up and down, up and down. And the number of swimming costumes I used to get through doesn’t even bear thinking about.

swimming pool to test chlorine resistant swimwear

When history repeats itself

A few weeks ago, I filled in a form on my old swimming club’s website. They take children from five years old and Libby has been asking to go for months. I haven’t heard back from them yet but I know it won’t be long before Libby is in that pool that I spent so much time in. Ploughing up and down, developing a competitive spirit. Following in my footsteps.

Only now, more than thirty years after I started swimming up and down that pool, somebody has finally developed a decent chlorine resistant swimming costume.

Halocline chlorine resistant swimwear from simply swim two girls on trampoline

Chlorine resistant swimwear was around years ago, but it was pretty grim back in the day. Thick, unflattering and uncomfortable.

Halocline chlorine resistant swimwear from Simply Swim

It was totally by chance that Simply Swim got in touch just after I’d booked Libby in for swimming club. They asked if I wanted to review some new chlorine resistant swimwear and I must admit, I was dubious. But mercifully, Halocline are totally different.

For a start, the costumes are available in a range of styles. Not just the one plain colour that was my only option as a child. The styles are fabulous and suit every taste. From leisure suits to bikinis to suits you’d wear for competitive swimming.

Trying out the chlorine resistant range

This week has been the first time in ages I’ve found the time to swim. So I’ve put a couple of the Halocline chlorine resistant swim suits through their paces. I tried out the sleek zip back swimsuit, which I will use for playing water polo. This came up slightly larger in size than I anticipated.

This was based on the chlorine resistant monstrosities of old, which were always a bit tight. I had gone for a size larger than normal and next time I buy one, I’ll go for my usual size. But aside from that, it was incredibly comfortable and felt great in the water.

The other one I tried out was the Atomic High Neck X Back Swimsuit. This fits perfectly and it is a really lovely shape. I wouldn’t have known it was chlorine resistant if I hadn’t seen it on the label. The pattern and colour are very stylish and I love the high neck. I always feel a bit self-conscious in a swimming costume but the high neck made me feel much better.

Halocline chlorine resistant swimwear from simply swim woman in swimsuit

Halocline for children

Both girls have a Halocline costume too. Lia’s is a bit big for her at the moment as we bought the smallest size they do but they don’t cater for people as tiny as Lia. But Libby’s is perfect, and that’s what matters. Because if she goes the same way as me when she starts at the swimming club, good chlorine resistant swimwear will save me a fortune.

Halocline chlorine resistant swimwear from simply swim little girl on trampoline

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  1. These look great costumes. I swim about 3 times a week and only ever have a chlorine resistant costume, as ‘normal’ costumes tend to go horrid after a few months. My current costume has been going for over 18 months now. Great that they do them for children too x